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“The actions committee is tasked with planning protests, rallies, and other outreach events in alignment with the goals of Occupy Eugene.”

Meeting Time: Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm
Location: Growers Market, Round Table @ 454 Willamette St. Eugene OR

Name: Shane
Phone: 541.870.7160

Committee E-mail: oec_actions [at]
Additional Info:


“We feel the name of this committee accurately describes it sufficiently. For more information please contact us”

No meetings. We just get shit done!”


“The Occupy Eugene Communications committee serves both internal and external communication needs by making our communities aware of events, protests and news via print, web, radio and video media channels. We also hold press conferences, send press releases to local media, promote events on Facebook and the OE website. Finally, we update the google calendar . . . and much more.”

Meeting Time: The second Tuesday of every month @ 5:30 PM.
Location: Growers Market

Name: Christina Bellini
E-mail: giulia.c.bellini [at]
Name: Lee deveau
E-mail: deveaulee [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_communications [at]
Additional Info:



“The education alliance is committed to informing, educating, and
agitating the university of oregon community around current
environmental and social issues, particularly but not limited to the
occupy movement.”

Meeting Time:  To be announced.

Name: The UofO Survival Center
Phone: 541.346.4356

Committee E-mail:
Additional Info: Please call the Survival Center at the UO for the
most up to date information.

Occupy LCC (student group)

“We stand in solidarity with the OWS and the greater international Occupy movement. We exist as the student/educator’s coalition of activism and outreach in solidarity with Occupy world-wide. We are the 99% of Lane Community College’s Student Body, now assemble to demand redress from our government for it’s complicit role in the corporations’ theft of our government from the People, for which our government exclusively exists. We will rebalance the equation…”

Meeting Time:  To be announced.  Please email for more information.
Location: Bldg 1. Rm 212 Lane Community College @ 4000 E. 30th ave. Eugene OR

Name: Wolfshadow
Email: wolfshadow [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_edu-alliance [at]
Additional Info:

President: James Nichols
Vice-president: Will Carpenter
Treasurer: Mari Paap
Secretary: Gwendolyn Iris


“The Facilitation Committee provides assistance in guiding effective General Assemblies for Occupy Eugene. The facilitation team gathers agenda items, draft agendas, facilitates meetings, provides a record of minutes, maintains documentation of the decision making process, and strives to provide livestream recordings of General Assemblies. The facilitation team structures meeting procedures according to a modified version of the consensus process as agreed upon by the General Assembly”

Meeting Time: To be announced as needed

Name: Jennefer
Phone: 541.514.9487
E-mail: jenneferharper [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_facilitation [at]

Finance Committee

“One of the major tasks of the Finance Committee is to respond to requests for funding and/or requests for reimbursement by Occupy Eugene committees. Our goal is to assure that OE’s limited financial resources are allocated to the highest priority needs of Occupy Eugene. We strive to respond to all requests promptly, transparently and equitably. Please see the Occupy Eugene Website for more information about requesting money from finance or for making a donation.”

Meeting Time: Sundays, 6:30-7:30pm
Location: World Cafe 449 Blair Blvd Eugene OR

Name: Jan Wostmann
E-mail: jw [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_finance [at]
Additional Info: More information about Finance Requests and or donations can be found online at FINANCE Committee Protocols and at


“The Fundraising Committee is responsible for coordinating all fundraising done in the name of Occupy Eugene to ensure: consistency vnelson42in messaging, that the funds are accounted for and all go to Occupy Eugene, and that we track and thank donors of both in-kind and monetary donations”

Meeting Time: To be announced.  Please call or email for more information.

Name: Cary Thompson
Phone: 541.686.5562
E-mail: cdf [at]

Committee E-mail:
Additional Info:


“To support our Occupy Activists Outpost at the old Federal Building by researching, acquiring, and scheduling needed supplies, events, staffing, outreach, and solidarity.”

Meeting Time: To be announced.  Please email for more information.

Name: Beatrice
E-mail: beatrice [at]

Committee E-mail:
Additional Info:


Meeting Time :  To be announced as needed. Please call or email for more information.

Name: Big John
Phone: 541.653.4232
E-mail: bigsqurlnuts [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_food [at]
Additional Info:

Foreclosure Committee (formerly OH-FAC!)

“The purpose of this group is to help residents of Eugene with the foreclosure crisis. This will be done through community educational events about the banks deceptive and illegal practices, and occupying homes to save their value because of vandals or to prevent a family from being evicted.”

Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 5pm to 7pm
Location: Upstairs in Grower’s Market @ 454 Willamette St., Eugene OR

Name: Majeska or Vickie E.
majeska [at], 541-684-8064 or gdrose6 [at], 541-844-8280

Committee E-mail: oe_foreclosures [at]
Additional Info: Subscribe to Committee Listserv by E-mailing oe_foreclosures-subscribe [at]


“We are a group of people wanting to share info, insights and projects related to gardening and food security.”

Meeting Time: To be announced. Please call or email for more information.

Name: Sabra
Phone: 541.206.4348
E-mail: sabramarcroft [at]

Committee E-mail:
Additional Info:


“Our purpose is to advocate for and directly assist people who are homeless. One of our first major advocacy roles is to send, guide and support Occupy delegates to the City of Eugene Community Task Force on Homelessness.”

Meeting Time: Mondays, 10:15am-11:30am
Location: CALC @ 458 Blair St., Eugene OR

Name: Mike
Phone: 541.844.4677
E-mail: calcpeace [at]
Committee E-mail:
Additional Info:


“Occupy Eugene Library Committee serves as a hub for cultural, literary, and educational resources for Occupy Eugene and the community as a whole.”

Meeting Time:  Mondays, 1pm to 3pm


Committee E-mail:
Additional Info:


“Working to bring creative talents together from a diverse set of media types.  Our effort is to produce relevant content that can be shared with the world.”

Meeting Time:  Tuesdays, 7-9pm (potluck and workgroup meeting)
Location: OEMG office in Growers Market, 454 Willamette St. Eugene OR

Worksession for Occupy TV: Sundays, 10am
Location: Lane Community Television @ 2455 Willakenzie (back side of Sheldon High School)

Name: Jana Thrift
Phone: 541.606.2025
E-mail: greenfuelsinfo [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_media_group [at]
Additional Info:


“The medical committee is a dedicated group of trained volunteers who are devoted to improving the healthcare system in our community. We off free clinics to the public!”

Sunday Clinic: 12 noon to 4pm
Location: Park Blocks, 8th & Oak, Eugene OR

Wednesday Committee Meeting: 7-9pm
Location: Glenwood on Campus, 1340 Alder St Eugene, OR

Name: Sue Sierralupe
E-mail: sierralupe [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_medical [at]
Additional Info:  Go to for more information.


“As Morale Members in Occupy Eugene, We are care takers for the flames of inspiration in our movement. We are healers and breathe life and love into the movement by fueling the fire to grow higher. Yes, We are radical cheerleaders, Sign makers, musicians, poets, lovers, romantics and friends. We are co-creators of culture, standing on soap boxes and speaking truths, organizing concerts and events, sharing hugs and smiles with fellow activist and even strangers. We perform street theater and flash mobs. And Yes, we get our hands dirty, whatever it takes to keep the movement inspired. For when the odds seem insurmountable and the doom seems imminent, it is our job to remind people, “Yes we can do this, because I believe in you”

Meeting Time:  To be announced.  Please call or email for more information.

Name: Plaedo
Phone: 208.669.0781
E-mail: plaedo7 [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_morale [at]
Additional Info:


“We publish a bimonthly newsletter that overs the activities and interests of Occupy Eugene and allied organizations. We welcome articles, ideas, letters to the editor, photographs, political cartoons, and poetry. If you are interested in joining the newsletter team, please come to a meeting or send us a message.”

Meeting Time: Mondays, 12:30-2:30pm
Location: Upstairs in Growers Market, 454 Willamette St., Eugene OR

Name: Christina Bellini  or  Vickie Nelson  or  Catherine Siskron
E-mail: giulia.c.bellini [at]  or  vnelson42 [at]  or  siskron [at]

Committee E-mail: newsletter [at]
Additional Info:


“Providing a forum and resources for participants in Occupy Eugene, a team of peacebuilders to inspire and participate in fierce, compassionate, transformative, political activism that nurtures our beloved community.”

Meeting Time: To be announced as needed

Name: Jennifer
E-mail: jenniferfrenzer [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_nonviolence [at]
Additional Info: The Nonviolence Resources Committee provides resources, training and education to encourage effective activism and to support OE as an organization and as a community. We also provide/gather peacekeeping support for OE actions and events and provide de-escalation training.


“Developing greater community support for the work being done by Occupy Eugene while creating at attractive, friendly presence through public education, volunteer recruitment, political field work, and building collaborations with other organizations.”

Meeting Time: To be announced as needed
Location: Grower’s Market, Round Table 454 Willamette Eugene OR

Name: Jennefer
Phone: 541.514.9487
E-mail: Jenneferharper [at]

Committee email: oec_outreach [at]
Additional Info:


“We assist Occupy Eugene by researching topics related to actions and protests, provides legal training and resources related to protest, first amendment rights, and related OE campaigns (such as the downtown exclusion zone). We coordinate legal observers and lawyers, we assist in implementing organizer trainings, and we are tasked with investigating and researching occupation locations for the local movement, to name just a few of the exciting topics we focus on in the legal/research committee.”

Meeting Time: To be announced

Name: Lauren Regan
Phone: 541.525.0425
E-mail: lregan [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_research [at]
Additional Info:


“Our focus is to provide a safe space for people of color to organize around issues that uniquely and directly affect people of color.”

Meeting Time:  To be announced as needed
Please call or email for more information.

Name: Jennefer
Phone: 541.514.9487
E-mail: Jenneferharper [at]

Committee E-mail:
Additional Info:


“We are dedicated to exploring the big picture that gave birth to the Occupy Movement. With positive vision, we work toward livable outcomes that include profound changes in our economic system and our consciousness. Collective visioning prepared the Occupy Eugene Vision Statement, which calls for the creation of a living economy that operates in harmony with our living Earth”

Meeting Time: To be announced

Name: Fergus or Jerry
Phone: Fergus @ 541.937.3034
E-mail: willamettedams [at] or occupyjerry [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_visioning [at]
Additional Info:


“The Web Committee maintenances the website, listservs, livestream and crabgrass service for Occupy Eugene. We train OE participants and committees on how to use all of the latter services by producing how-to documents, holding trainings, and attending committee meetings. The web committee is always looking for help in keeping OE better organized and effective in its digital communications, so your participation is welcome. No web design experience is necessary.”

Meeting Time:  To be announced as needed
Location: Growers Market @ 454 Willamette St., Eugene, OR

Name: Chase
E-mail: chase [at]

Committee E-mail: oec_web [at]
Additional Info:


“We are helping to create a place for our community to feel welcome as they find useful information about Occupy Eugene and the worldwide concerns related to Occupy. Our current focus is staffing the OEV Info booth in order to make it easier for people to learn about Occupy and then get involved!”

Meeting Time: To be announced as needed. Please call or email for more info.

Name: Mary B.
Phone: 541.285.4614
E-mail: marib.eugene [at]

Committee E-mail:
Additional Info:


Committee Resources