Community, Solidarity, Protest: March to help defend the free speech rights of the occupy protesters!

Community, Solidarity, Protest: March to help defend the free speech rights of the occupy protesters!

This afternoon, October 21, 2011, Occupy Eugene will vacate the downtown park blocks as planned, allowing Saturday Market to operate without interference, and then march to a new occupation site. Occupy Eugene is asking community members to meet at the present occupation site at the corner of 8th & Oak Street at 5 p.m. in

Tour of Shame

Tour of Shame

To supplement protests of Bank of America, Occupy Eugene is calling a march from the occupation site (8th and Oak) through downtown. Stops will be made outside of all the infamous banks, bringing attention to the handouts, greed, corruption and cynical political lobbying within the financial industry that has become the status quo. Occupy Eugene

Committee Points of Contact for Financial Requests

Attention all Committees: Please send contact information for who your primary and secondary point of contact for the finance committee will be to oec_finance [at] As discussed at a previous GA, these will be the people that will be the point of contact between your committee and the finance committee for the handling of

Police officer and marcher clasp hands. Photo by Tracy Sydor.

Occupy Eugene March in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street a Success

Occupy Eugene marchers gathered at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at 8th and Oak at 2 p.m. today, and began our peaceful march across the Ferry Street bridge and back at 4 p.m. Eugene Police estimated 2,000 marchers.… Because our march was so long, for a few minutes we filled the pedestrian crosswalks on both sides of the Ferry Street Bridge as passing drivers honked their support.

The Occupation Begins!

The occupation will be at the Park Blocks in downtown Eugene, where the Saturday Market is on 8th and Oak. Watch livestream here

Day of Rage Against Wall Street March Route

Day of Rage Against Wall Street

Occupy Eugene’s big day is almost upon us. Tomorrow, October 15, 2011, Occupy Eugene will gather in solidarity with the nationwide Occupy movement to protest corporate greed and the politicians who enable it. Occupy Eugene will march through the streets to proudly display our support of a movement that has shaken up an entire country, brought national attention to urgent issues that affect everyday people, and provided a new sense of hope to countless Americans. We will demonstrate to our entire community that true democracy is still alive and well.

Campbell Club Benefit for Occupy Eugene!

The Campbell Club is holding a benefit show for Occupy Eugene this Friday! (10/14) 8pm-1am. We will have live music, speakers, sign making and a good time. The big occupation for Occupy Eugene will be the following day (Sat 10/15), so let’s all get together in solidarity for this historic moment in our country!

4th General Assembly Meeting

Important!!: If you come to the meeting and were not at the last one when we came up with hand signal communications, please review them. Consensus Hand Signals [PDF].

Date: Thursday 10/13, 5:30pm
Meeting Location: West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue, 1274 W. 7th Ave
(2nd drive on the right past Polk)

About Occupy Eugene

Occupy Eugene is a nonviolent movement for accountability in the United States government located in Eugene, Oregon. We will gather in solidarity with the ongoing protest in New York City, Occupy Wall Street, and the growing number of cities whose people will no longer sit back watching corporate and special interests run their government. We

Student Solidarity Rally

Student Solidarity Rally

On June 11, from 7 to 11 p.m. we will take to the streets of Eugene, banging pots and pans to show our support for students in Montreal, Eugene and around the world.