1/23/12 Urban Ninja Banks March

Larger version of flyer.

A day of Direct Action Against the Banks!

At noon on January 23rd 2012 we will rally at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza through Non-Violent Direct Action against the banks! Dress like a ninja! Wear black! Form affinity groups!

We are requesting donations of black fabric, black ski-masks, black clothing and flyer and banner making supplies. If you have materials you wish to donate please contact Tango Down either by sending us a message on Facebook or email us at oetangodown[at]gmail.com

Here is one video example of Ninja Awesomeness from Occupy Wall Street:

Below are the guidelines outlined by Tango Down, the organizers of this action, and in the interests of solidarity please respect these parameters. The parameters outlined below apply to this march. This goes both ways – please be respectful enough of the event to not pursue certain actions at this time if they are being put on the “please don’t” list; likewise, if you are uncomfortable with someone performing an action that is acceptable within the march parameters do not interfere with them.

This is respect for diversity of tactics, and also proper solidarity in the face of our common enemy. There will come a day that these practices, discipline and restraint will serve us well as a unit.

If you cannot follow the parameters do not attend. They will be read before the march during the rally. People will be given the opportunity to back out if they feel they cannot respect the tactics, with no loss of face.

This is not a march intended for people who are not fully comfortable with a diversity of tactics. You are not recommended to attend if you are not willing to wear black, or are not down with ninjas, as you will stand out among the rest.

Action Purpose: To hold corporate banks accountable for their assault on our community and our earth. The most appropriate way to do this is through the disruption of capital. Use your imagination!! See the video link above :-)

Tango Down Action Parameters: No damage to “private property” of any kind: people’s cars, local Eugene businesses – these are off limits.

Split-off marches and autonomous actions are encouraged
. If you do decide to go your own route, please respect the above parameters. If you decide to split off, do your autonomous actions away from the main march, not right next to it. You are encouraged to be creative – autonomous actions can begin hours prior to the primary action, during the action, or even later in the day. Large banks, huge international corporations, and governmental offices/property are not considered private property for the purposes of the parameters.

We are not encouraging anyone to attack any property whatsoever, but some property is more acceptable than others if you really must risk your freedom by doing something of that nature. Please keep in mind the legal and social ramifications of all of your actions, and be aware of how your choices affect the movement as a whole.

NINJA: If you hear the call, “NINJAS!” it is in your best interest to clump together with the main group in tight formation. Be aware of distance and do not string out along the march route. Do not give the police an opportunity to snatch you and plant evidence on you to conflate charges with.

We are all adults. We are all comrades. We have a common enemy and we will have to learn to work as a unit. Thank you for your cooperation.

*This is an OFFICIAL Occupy Eugene Event, per approval through the Occupy Eugene Actions Committee.*