Support for Lane County Nurses

Support for Lane County Nurses

January 26, at 6 pm, Lane County nurses and their supporters will
meet at the AFSCME bldg (7th and Charnelton Aves in Eugene), have
something to eat and then go out to leaflet around the city in small
groups. We encourage you to turn out in support of the nurses and to help
them get a fair contract. Pizza will be offered before the action. Please
be there at 6 pm.

Here is letter from the nurses explaining why they need our help:

Nurses who work for Lane County have made the difficult decision to
possibly walk off their jobs and go on strike. We are Lane County
employees who work across the broad spectrum of nursing: registered nurses
(RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), nurse practitioners (NPs) and
certified nursing assistants (CNAs). We work at the county’s public health
department, in the county health clinics in Eugene and Springfield, at the
Lane County Jail and at Springfield High School — plus three dental
hygienists who see and treat up to 15,000, mostly lower-income students
per year.

Indeed, we generally deal with Lane County’s underprivileged, lower income
residents; they typically have no health insurance or poor insurance.
Because of the work we do, we face a high risk of exposure to a long list
of illnesses and disease. People without insurance often wait longer than
they should to seek treatment. We also face an increasingly difficult
clientele. We are not just medical workers any more, we are ad hoc social
and psychological workers as well. We counsel our patients in many ways;
we literally offer mental health services to thousands each year. These
are not “jobs,” we love our work and our patients. We could work
elsewhere, but we choose to serve our communities.

We need to get our message to register with the Lane County Commissioners.
We’re asking you to help us with an evening of public flyering — at the UO
campus, malls, grocery stores and the like. This will be easy-to-read,
non-combative literature that simply asks the public to call the
commissioners on our behalf. We’d appreciate your help!

Lane County Nurses

Where: AFSCME Union Hall, 688 Charnelton Ave. and then into the neighborhoods

When: Today, Wednesday the 25th, 6 – 9pm.