Occupation Education Series continues, week 8

This week’s Strategic Campaign Planning Part 2 will continue despite Gordan Lafer’s cancellation. We will still be coordinating a discussion around campaign planning with Michael Carrigan facilitating. Here is a tentative agenda of the discussion:

  1. Report back on the  two GA discussions about the idea of OE choosing a campaign (or set of campaigns).
  2. Discussion started by Jamil about some of the potential goals of (a) campaign, why OE might develop its own particular sort of campaign, and some ideas on the components of a campaign.
  3. Q & A and discussion with campaign proposal creators.
  4. Potential proposal for the GA on campaigns.

We hope that people who have created campaign proposals will attend this week’s series so that participants can ask more questions and help sharpen the proposals.

You can view previous occupation education streams by going to the syllabus and clicking the title of the weeks training.