Student Solidarity Rally

Student Solidarity Rally

The people of Montreal, Quebec, have joined students on strike in daily demonstrations numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The strikes have been underway for more than 100 days, and seem to be expanding to other parts of Canada, along with showings of student power in Chicago, Chile, and elsewhere.

On June 11, we will take to the streets of Eugene, from 7 to 11 p.m. banging pots and pans to show our support for students in Montreal, Eugene, and around the world.

Please bring: pots or pans and safety pins – red squares will be provided and wear black on your top half and jeans or your school’s branded attire on the bottom.

Cut a square out of a piece of red fabric and wear it on your clothing or bag every day. The red square is a symbol of support for the Montreal student strikes and is quickly becoming a symbol of support for resistance movements everywhere.

Add the red square to your profile picture on Facebook or your avatar on Twitter:

The current model of higher education require students to go into debt that will take far longer to pay off and cost far more than they ever spend at the university. This model is destructive to society because it builds a large underclass of debtors and moves wealth away from the general population, into the hands of the few. To quote Occupy Portland, “With increases in tuition showing no signs of stopping, and the student debt bubble recently breaching the trillion dollar mark, it is high time the people rise up to condemn the profiteering of the civil right of education.”