Occupy Eugene Responds Effectively to Crisis

November 19, 2011, Eugene-Saturday at the Occupy Eugene camp at Washington Jefferson Park, a medical emergency occurred involving the Eugene Police Department and paramedics.

A man in his early 30’s overdosed from heroin around 4pm. Occupy protesters in camp immediately called 9-1-1 and came together to provide support. Luckily among the occupiers were a licensed nurse and doctor who responded to the scene immediately and gave the man CPR before the arrival of paramedics. After medics arrived on scene the man was stabilized and was seen sitting up and talking. An Occupy protester took the man to the hospital after medics left.

Protesters applauded the paramedics and police as they left the scene and thanked them for their assistance.

Due to the Occupy camp’s presence the situation was reacted to quickly and effectively with volunteer medical professionals on site when the overdose occurred, an immediate call placed to 9-1-1 and follow through medical assistance.

One Occupier in the camp was in a Communications Committee meeting when shouts for medical help were echoed. “Issues with homelessness and addiction have been happening in Washington Jefferson Park long before the occupation set up camp,” says Lauren Asprooth of Eugene. “But now that we are here, we can bring light to the issues and come together as a community to help when they do occur.”

Occupy Eugene continues to work with the City of Eugene Police Department to ensure the health and safety of the camp and the surrounding community.