Press Release: Poling Protests Organized by Independently Empowered Affinity Group

It has come to the attention of Occupy Eugene that Councilor George Poling and others are upset about recent actions at Councilor Poling’s home that are perceived to be a part of Occupy Eugene.

The actions at George Poling’s residence were made up of participants of Occupy Eugene who acted on their own free will as part of an affinity group affiliated with the Occupy Eugene Actions committee.

Occupy Eugene does not require consensus from the General Assembly for independent actions, and our members are empowered to act independently as long as their goals and methods align with Occupy Eugene’s principles. Last night’s action was a symbolic expression of protest on the part of the women involved.

“We were individuals engaged in an independent action with open minds and a shared purpose. This action was not discussed with nor consensed upon by Occupy Eugene,” said one participant in last night’s protest action.

Individual participants of Occupy Eugene may either agree or disagree with the content or message of the demonstrations that have occurred at George Poling’s residence. Demonstrating at the residence of a public official is a longstanding tradition in this country and such demonstrations are a time-honored and essential exercise of our constitutional rights.

As a community, we are actively and currently engaged in robust discussion regarding the issues presented before us after these actions. We hope this Occupy Eugene Action can further the discussion centered on the issues of homelessness, community building, and freedom to protest.

This press release is from the Communications Committee of Occupy Eugene that has been empowered to speak on behalf of the larger Occupy Eugene body.


12.31 OE News Years Eve Extravaganza!

Saturday night at 8:30 New Year’s Eve come one come all and meet up in Free Speech Plaza for an “opposites” march. 
  Get dressed up as 1%ers out for a night on the town!

They will be carrying silly signs saying, “Greed is good” or “Save the Economy; Shop til you Drop” or “the Family that Shops Together Stays Together” or whatever.

Periodically, these 1%ers will shout out their Resolutions for the New Year “As CEO I promise to double my salary this year and increase stock earnings by 50%. In order to do this, I promise to cut all employee salaries by 30% and stop carrying emmployee health care”. The march will hit the downtown hot spots before marchers go off to revel with the 99%ers.

Occupy Eugene members will meet at Occupy V (1274 7th ave) at 10:00 to help bring in the New Year

Entertainment will be provided

Bring snacks and drinks to share

12.29 Foreclosure Crisis Movie Event

OE BankBusters

This Thursday, Dec. 29th at 7pm, Occupy Eugene BankBusters is having a movie and discussion night on the issue of the foreclosure crisis and that housing is a human right.

It will be held at Reality Kitchen located on 245 Van Buren.
This event is sponsored by Occupy Eugene BankBusters and is free for all attendees.

Socks of coal for Eugene’s Naughty Banks

Occupiers acted as Santa’s helpers this Christmas and delivered socks full of coal to five Eugene banks.  Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, US Bank, and Umpqua were included.  Next to each sock hung a chronicle of their actions which made them part of Santa’s Naughty list.  The coal came from the Occupy Eugene site itself.  Merry Christmas Corporate America!

Eugene’s Homeless Back on the Streets for Christmas

For 75 days, in one of the longest running occupations in the US, Occupy Eugene provided a legal place to sleep, three meals daily, professional medical assistance, job skills trainings, and most importantly, a community for hundreds of homeless folks in Eugene. Simultaneously, we have explored with the city how Eugene might better serve homeless people.

This week, the city of Eugene unilaterally shut down the site at Washington Jefferson Park, and after two nights of the Wheeler Pavilion being open to provide beds for those coming from the Occupation, folks are back on the street again, just in time for Christmas.

Occupy Eugene appreciates that the city has put forth additional funds, created a task force with seats for homeless people, and expanded the car camping program by adding sites and allowing tents. However, these efforts do not add up to the far greater support that was available at the Occupy Eugene site, and none of the city’s efforts are happening on a community basis among equals, which was more respectful than a government handout.

The alarming number of people who are homeless is a consequence of our deeply unjust economic and political systems, systems which Occupy Eugene is dedicated to changing. In the meantime, we are proud to have taken on the task of helping some of the people most affected – entirely with volunteered time, and as a community.

Occupy Eugene remains strong, renting an office in the Grower’s Market Building and making use of a donated warehouse on 7th and Polk. Plans to participate in the national Occupy the Courts protest are underway, and the unfair foreclosure of many Eugene homes presents another opportunity for Occupy Eugene to support people impacted by unjust systems.

We invite the community to join in our efforts to address systemic injustice while we continue to occupy the minds of Eugene.

This Press Release was approved by the general assembly of Occupy Eugene.


Also available in : Spanish

12. 25 Christmas Potluck Sunday!

Occupy Eugene will be having a holiday potluck Sunday, December 25th at 2pm in the new Occupy 5 building (7th and Polk).

Bring a dish if you can and a space heater if you have one!

There will be a projector and we will be showing holiday movies (bring some of those too :)

And remember to shop local this Christmas and avoid big box stores and corporate chains, Occupy Christmas!

12.24 Open Assembly

  Occupy Eugene Open Assembly

When: 4:00pm

Where: 1274 W. 7th Ave. (7th & Polk, Occupy 5 building )

All are welcome! Come help us plan the next steps of Occupy Eugene.

Occupy Eugene, Community Saddened by Death of Rick Adam Youngblood


Occupy Eugene, Community Saddened by Death of Rick Adam Youngblood

Occupy Eugene is extremely saddened by the news of the death of Rick Adam Youngblood, who was involved in a fight at the Occupy Eugene site late Monday night.

Life on the streets is rarely easy.  The unfortunate and hidden truth about homelessness is that it can be violent and dangerous, as we saw in the microcosm of street life that sprung up at Occupy Eugene.  As a society, we condone and promote this state of affairs when we push the unhoused into the shadows on the periphery of our community and limit the resources available to them.  The fight which ended Rick Adam Youngblood’s life was an unsettlingly common event; of a type generally dismissed by society.

One aspect of the Occupy Eugene camp at Washington-Jefferson park often overlooked by media and the police is the sense of community and place that it provided to the unhoused who lived there.  Many of the unhoused individuals and families residing at the camp testified to the dramatic increase in safety and security that the location provided. It is unfortunate that this aspect of the camp’s function will not be replicated or replaced by the “transitional services” the city is attempting to coordinate for the camp’s residents.

In Younglood’s situation, the Occupy Eugene volunteer medics on site were able to respond more quickly than other emergency medical personnel would have been able to, and worked with police personnel to assist Rick when they arrived. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances and location of the fight and the severity of his injuries, they were not able to provide assistance in time.

We thank members of our community, and Eugene police who did their best to tend to his injuries, and we send our condolences to Mr. Youngblood’s relatives and friends.

Occupy Eugene is holding a candlelight vigil in memory of Rick Adam Youngblood and other victims of street violence at 6:30pm today, December 23, at the Morse Free Speech Plaza.

This press release has been approved by the General Assembly of Occupy Eugene.


12. 23 Vigil and GA at ParkBlocks

Occupy Eugene is holding a candle light vigil in memory of Rick Youngblood and other victims of street violence at 6:30p today at Free Speech Plaza.

There will be a general assembly to follow at 7:00pm.