12.12 OCCUPY YOUR HEART – Candlelight Vigil

12.12 OCCUPY YOUR HEART - Candlelight Vigil
A candlelight vigil will commence at 4:15 PM at City Hall in time for the city council working session (5:30pm) and extending until after the 7:30 pm City Council meeting and Council Vote. There will be a scheduled program of music and activities!

Please Bring Candles, Lighters, and Cups to Hold Candles.

We would love to have a calm gathering of folks “holding” city council, city officials and EPD in our hearts and creating a collective intention of compassion as Council considers their decision to extend Occupy Eugene’s exemption to allow OE to continue camping.

Both for the sake of the Occupy movement and for fellow citizens who live without housing and who have become integral to our local Occupy movement. Occupy Eugene’s occupation site is located at the South End of Washington/Jefferson Park between 6th and 7th Ave.