12.31 OE News Years Eve Extravaganza!

12.31 OE News Years Eve Extravaganza!
Saturday night at 8:30 New Year’s Eve come one come all and meet up in Free Speech Plaza for an “opposites” march. 
  Get dressed up as 1%ers out for a night on the town!

They will be carrying silly signs saying, “Greed is good” or “Save the Economy; Shop til you Drop” or “the Family that Shops Together Stays Together” or whatever.

Periodically, these 1%ers will shout out their Resolutions for the New Year “As CEO I promise to double my salary this year and increase stock earnings by 50%. In order to do this, I promise to cut all employee salaries by 30% and stop carrying emmployee health care”. The march will hit the downtown hot spots before marchers go off to revel with the 99%ers.

Occupy Eugene members will meet at Occupy V (1274 7th ave) at 10:00 to help bring in the New Year

Entertainment will be provided

Bring snacks and drinks to share