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Volunteers Needed at OEV for Greeters and Info Booth Staff

We are ready to re-open OccupyV to the public! The second orientation meeting will be held Saturday March 3rd at OEV from 3p to 4p. Sign up for a shift and let’s make the best use of the OEV building while we have it! 

Occupy Eugene to City, “Show Us the Money”

As freezing temperatures return once again to the Eugene area we continue to be concerned about the 4,000+ homeless people in Lane County and wonder how they will survive. 

Occupy Solidarity Social Forum

Occupy Solidarity Social Forum

National self organized conference of occupy move-
ment citizenry held in Olympia. Two days of visioning
panels and discussions, creative tactics workshops,
non-violent direct action trainings, grand strategy
development, actions and fun social networking. 

Revive Eugene’s Kesey Square

Reclaim Kesey Square as a place for street artists, entertainers, friends and activists to gather as a community.
Join in every Friday, noonish to dusk-ish. 

Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions

Teaching energy Healing as well as doing energy Healing. Ongoing.
Event contact: Jennifer Frenzer and Rick Seivertson 541-844-1852