Help Pitchfork Rebellion Stop Big Pesticide

The people and forests of Oregon are being poisoned. These families of the Hwy 36 corridor now have the proof. It has been submitted and simply ignored.

Please come support them in this fight to make this well documented case public knowledge. Only then will things begin to change.

Who is the enemy you ask?: Monsanto, Oregonians For Food And Shelter, and the timber industry to name a few major players. Another perfect example of money in politics VS humans, land, water, and living ecological systems which are all being destroyed beyond repair.

Pitchfork Rebellion is an Uprising of Forest Dwellers who are tired of being abused by Big Timber and Big Pesticide – i.e. ‘Big Agriculture’ – and who believe, as documented in our ongoing Investigation of the Influence of Big Business on State and Federal Agencies, that the government agencies charged with protecting the environment and the public health have been effectively co-opted by private industry to the profound detriment of the environment and the public health.

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