Tax Day Action- Fund Human Needs-Not War or Wall St.

Tax Day Action- Fund Human Needs-Not War or Wall St.

Tax Day, April 17th join us for:

1. Rally-Downtown Post Office, 520 Willamette

11-12pm Penny Poll & Literature Distribution

Will provide taxpayers the opportunity to decide where their tax dollars go, by inviting them to participate in a penny poll. The poll participants will be given 10 pennies to put in jars representing a 6-category breakdown of the Federal budget.

12-1pm Rally with Music and Speakers including…

· Taxes for Peace, Occupy Eugene, IWW, CALC, ESSN, SEIU and WAND with tables

· Mark Ross and Scott Fife of IWW singing labor songs

· Plaedo Wellman performing spoken word.

*War tax resisters who object to over half of their federal taxes going to the military, will redirect their “war” taxes to local organizations. Some of these organizations will be on hand to receive their donations.

2-3pm Casket Procession to the New Federal Bldg

There will be a procession mourning the human costs of war from the Post Office to the New Federal Bldg. The center of the procession will be a casket led by a single drumbeat. The mourners in the front of the march will be dressed in black and those in back will be displaying a more proactive message with rainbow peace flags and signs that proclaim “I’d rather pay for________ than war. Either Congressional staff from the offices of Senator Merkley, Wyden and Rep. DeFazio will be asked to come speak to the group and outline what they’re doing to curtail war spending.

2. Stand Up For Tax Fairness Rally

5pm Main Post Office, 3148 Gateway

More information contact SEIU: 541- 342-1055.

3. Whirled Pies for World Peace Benefit

11am-10pm Whirled Pies Pizzeria, 1123 Monroe,

Percent of sales goes to CALC



Tax Day Sponsors: Community Alliance of Lane County, (CALC), Occupy Eugene, Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network-Jobs With Justice (ESSN), Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND), Taxes for Peace Not War, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

For more information contact: Michael Carrigan at calcpeace[at]