Opportunity Eugene Task Force recommendations up for City Council consideration, July 18th at noon: Activists Urgently Needed to Write and Call

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On July 18, the City Council, at their noon Work Session, will be considering the approval of the Mayor’s Opportunity Eugene Task Force recommendations.

They will also receive a packet from Opportunity Village Eugene that requests that the City direct staff to begin clearing the way legally for OVE to occupy the land which was the former site of the Navy Center near Chambers on 13th, or a site that equally meets our site criteria.
If you can write or call the Council or Mayor asking them to do this so that when they return in September it will be a quick step to approve land, we should be able to begin in time to have our first neighborhood filled before winter.

WRITE TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW…It goes to the mayor, council, and staff

CALL YOUR COUNCILOR, if you have a personal relationship. They respond to their constituents.

CALL YOUR MAYOR…she represents everyone in the city

1. Tell them you want people who are homeless to have a legal, safe place to sleep.
2. Tell them that on July 18 that you want them to instruct city staff to do whatever is necessary to clear the way for Opportunity village to be built at Chambers and 13th OR to find another suitable site.
3. Tell them you want the land to be turned over to Opportunity Village Eugene by August 1 so that the village can be opened by October 1.
4. Tell them over 100 people die and thousands suffer in our community each year because Eugene is not providing for our most vulnerable citizens and that you oppose this.
5. Tell them you are tired of tax payer dollars being wasted on police, courts, jails, ER, hospital and psychiatric beds because Eugene does not have a cost effective policy or plan for homelessness.

Dozens of volunteers from the faith community, the social service community, the Interfaith Alliance, Interfaith Occupy , Occupy, CALC and the unions are incorporating and have been working since April to create this village. Many community leaders have joined the effort and plans will be ready to open the Village by October 1 if the City provides the land and appropriate waivers which State Law authorizes them to do.

Write the mayor, councilors and city staff all at once and be a matter of public record:

mayorcouncilandcitymanager@ci.eugene.or.us or fax: 541-682-5414

Contact your councilor directly by phone if you have a personal relationship

Phone numbers:

MAYOR, Kitty Piercy: 541-682-5010

WARD 1, George Brown: 541-682-8341

WARD 2, Betty Taylor: 541-338-9947

WARD 3, Alan Zelenka: 541 682-8343

WARD 4, George Polling 541-517-3110

WARD 5, Mike Clark: 541-682-8345

WARD 6, Pat Farr: 541-682-8346

WARD 7, Andrea Ortiz: 541 688-5588

WARD 8, Chris Pryor: 541-682-8348

MANAGER, Jon Ruiz: 541-682-5010