Occupy Eugene Narratives: Time To Tell Your Story

How did you first hear about the Occupy Movement?

Share your first experiences getting involved in the Occupy Movement.

What/When was your peak of hope/excitement/involvement?

What are some evolutions/changes you have witnessed in the local/global movement?

Share the stories you remember.

How does your local experience compare to what you had hoped for?

How does your local experience compare to what is going on nationally/globally?

What actions/meetings/gatherings have you participated in and what was your experience?

What are some disappointments?

What are your hopes for Occupy or Occupy Eugene for the future?

What are you hoping for?

What are the changes you want to see?

How does/did the Occupy Movement affect you personally?

What was a time when you felt like the movement was really making a positive difference?  Tell us your story.

In your eyes, what were three successes of Occupy Eugene so far?

If you could change three things about the Occupy Movement, locally or otherwise, what would they be?

What do you think the main focus of the movement should be?


Our personal stories are very important.  Our stories record history.  Please take a moment to reflect on your experience with the Occupy Movement.  Please consider writing your story.  Personal narratives are being collected in order to preserve history.  Please submit your story to: JenneferHarper@gmail.com

Narratives are being collected to submit to the University of Oregon’s Special Collections where they will be available to researchers in the future.  Let’s put our stories together, and tell our truth.