Occupy the Eugene Celebration Parade: A Roof for All


Haven’t you always wanted to be in a parade?  Want to be an evil bankster?  A police officer?  A tent monster?

This year’s parade theme is “Raise the Roof’.”  Occupy’s spin is a “A Roof For All,” in support of housing as a human right.  Super special skit.  Details at PARADE PREP PARTY, Thursday at 4:30 at OE V, at 7th and Polk.  Or come the morning of the parade and we’ll catch you up.  This will be fun and G rated. Come have fun with friends, even those friends you have not met yet.

STILL NEEDED ITEMS:  We still need tents, broken ones preferred, as once a tent monster always a tent monster, rendering it useless as a tent.
We are also looking for as many Occupy bandannas as possible.  There are hundreds out there.  Bring them with you!

PARADE DETAILS:  Saturday morning, August 25, 2012.   ENTRY 33.

STAGING AREA: Amazon Parkway, near 24th. Area will be closed to cars at 8:30 a.m. If you need to park close by, arrive early.

TIME: Gather between 8:30 and 9:30. Parade starts at 10:00. It will give us a chance to practice our skit and bring any newcomers up to speed. Let’s make a party of it with potluck food, coffee, and laughter.