Occupy Eugene Launches Sustaining Donor Drive

Occupy Eugene’s overhead is minimal. With no paid staff, its expenses consist of office rent, supplies for actions, and the printing of the Eugene Occupier five times a year. These costs total $5000 a year. While we were at Washington Jefferson donations came in steadily. However, these days donations are few and far between and all too often organizers and activists are spending much of their volunteer time raising funds, time that would be better spent doing the work of Occupy

If 40 people were to donate $120 a year, $10 a month, Occupy Eugene’s costs would be covered, freeing up people to do the work that brought them to Occupy in the first place. Becoming a sustaining donor is easy and there are several ways you can do so. You can make a direct deposit to Occupy Eugene’s account at Oregon Community Credit Union. Or you can mail a donation to P.O. Box 744, Eugene, OR 97440. Or, visit our website, occupyeugenemedia.org, and click on the link on the left below “Donate to Occupy.” There you can set up a recurring donation by downloading the form on the page to arrange for automated monthly debit from your bank account. The form can be mailed to the post office box or returned at the 3rd Friday GA at Growers Market, 454 Willamette. This form can be accessed by clicking on the Direct Debit button. Or, donate using the WePay button on the page,though please understand that 3% of your donations goes to WePay.

Donations below the sustaining donor amount of $120 are gladly accepted, as are amounts over. You may donate anonymously if you prefer. If you are unable to donate financially, the donation of your time is greatly valued. Join our mailing list, on our website’s left column, to receive Occupy Eugene Announcements which notify you, once a week, of various actions and events of Occupy Eugene and its allies.