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May Day Celebration

May Day Celebration

Make your voice heard in the fight for Economic and Social Justice, Workers’ Rights, Immigration Reform, and Environmental Sanity. 

Exercise your First Amendment Rights to speak, sing, march, and organize! 

5:00pm Celebration Rally at Kesey Square, W. Broadway & Willamette
5:30pm Solidarity March from Kesey Square to the Old Federal Building
6:00pm Party & Potluck at the Old Fed–Family Friendly Speakers, Music, and Entertainment into the night! 

Brought to you by: Occupy Eugene, The Civil Liberties Defense Center, and Community Alliance of Lane County. 

Tug of War at EWEB Earth Day Celebration: Press Release

This Saturday, April 20, during EWEB’s 2013 Earth Day Celebration and beginning at 1 pm, Occupy Eugene will stage a Tug of War to demonstrate the “pull between good and bad energy.” 



A coalition of peace, justice and labor activists, including Occupy Eugene have organized several actions on Tax Day, Monday April 15th. The coalition’s message is calling on Congress to redirect war dollars to fund human needs. Also, activists are demanding continued USPS Saturday delivery and to keep the Springfield Gateway facility open.  

11:00 AM @ The downtown Post Office, 520 Willamette Street, Eugene OR. Organizers will be providing taxpayers the opportunity to decide where their tax dollars go, by inviting them to participate in a penny poll. The poll participants will be given 10 pennies to put in jars representing a 6-category breakdown of the Federal budget. 

1200 Noon @ The downtown Post Office. There will be a rally with speakers and music. 

1:00 PM. Procession mourning the human costs of war from the Post Office to the New Federal Bldg., with a 1:30 pm rally. Marchers will turn in cards to the Congressional offices of Senator Merkley, Wyden and Rep. DeFazio that call on them to take action to fund human needs and not war. 

Occupy Eugene/Occupy Bankbusters Benefit

Occupy Eugene/Occupy Bankbusters Benefit

Occupy Eugene and Occupy BankBusters will hold a fundraiser at Cozmic Pizza, Monday, April 8th, at 6 PM. Everyone is invited. Participants can get up to date on what Occupy is doing, buy raffle tickets for gift certificates from local businesses, watch the movie “The Secret of Oz” and discuss the historical events behind our current economic crisis and what some real solutions to our situation might look like. All this over beer and pizza. 

Cozmic Pizza is located at 8th and Charnelton, in downtown Eugene, and their phone number is (541)338-9333. Donations accepted at the door. Twenty per cent of lifetime Cozmic gift certificates sold at the fundraiser, for later use, goes to support the local Occupy movement. 

Helping Enable Activists' Lifestyle- Event Currently Discontinued

Helping Enable Activists’ Lifestyle- Event Currently Discontinued

Every Tuesday and Saturday, John Monroe leads a gentle yoga and meditation class to area activists. 

Please bring a yoga mat, if you have one. We hope to see you there! 

Nuclear Awareness Week for Fukushima 2yr. Anniversary

March 11 is the two yr. anniversary of the Fukushima Nuke Plant disaster. Lets bring attention to our continuing unsafe lust for dirty energy at the cost of our planet and our future. Occupy Eugene, the Survival Center, and CALC will be helping with a series of events throughout the week.  

3/11/13 6pm @ Our Islands Conservation Center, 120 W. Broadway & Olive, Eugene OR
Opening Ceremony with music, potluck, community networking opportunities, nuclear film & discussion. 

3/13/13 Noon @ EMU Ampitheater, 1228 University Ave. , UofO, Eugene OR
Nuclear Freedom Now! Rally featuring speakers, music, spoken word, and theater to encourage nuclear awareness about issues in the Northwest and abroad. March to share this information with our community at large. 

3/14/13 7pm @ Harris Hall, 125 E. 8th Ave., Eugene OR
Post Ignorance Talk with Kevin D. Blanch. Learn about the ongoing disaster in Fukushima and have discussion about solutions. 

3/15/13 1pm to 4pm @ Kesey Square, Willamette & Broadway, Eugene OR
Kesey Square Revival goes Nuclear! Speakers, theater and letter writing workshop; to address nuclear concerns around Hanford, Fukushima, and our need to Occupy Big Energy everywhere.  



5pm Friday, February 22 in the Whiteaker NeighborhoodThe SLEEPS’ Strike Team will offer a view into the darker side of being a human, un-housed, and trying to sleep on the streets of Eugene, Oregon. 

Every night the human biological need to sleep demands its time and space. It has no mercy, nor heed to environment. And short of death nothing can ever prevent it. The uncontrollable consequences of being human are inescapable for all human beings. However, for those in our community that are un-housed the consequences shift in hue and tone to a sometimes very dark reality. How would you sleep if you knew each night’s effort to sleep was a roll of the dice, with the odds always against you… 

Come join our Last Friday Art Walk Street Theater team for a night of light vs dark and life vs death.  

And as always SLEEPS asks you to consider what role you fill in the urban theater we call life? 

For more information contact Hedin at 

SLEEPS Action Alert!

Friday January 4, 3pm to 7pm in Downtown Eugene
Meeting 2:30pm at the Atrium, 99 W. 10th Ave. 

SLEEPS is calling for a Flash Mob Die Off action & Guerrilla Street Theater. This action is being done in an effort to bring attention to the ever growing number of unhoused people who die each year in the streets and parks of Eugene Oregon. 

RECLAIM THE PLAZA: A Free Speech Celebration

Monday, January 7 at 10:30pm
Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at 8th & Oak, Eugene 

Celebrate freedom, stand up for your rights, and stand in solidarity with community members who wish to legally challenge Lane County’s unconstitutional curfew at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. Bring joy, cookies, protest signs, and musical instruments. 

Article 1, Section 8 of the Oregon Constitution states the following:
“No law shall be passed restraining the free expression of opinion, or restricting the right to speak, write, or print freely on any subject whatever; but every person shall be responsible for the abuse of this right.” 

The Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza “curfew” is an unconstitutional restraint upon free speech and public assembly, and this is a call to action for all citizens of Eugene to stand up for the Constitution and the right to protest 24-7 in traditional public forums such as the Plaza. Our aim is to have the curfew declared unconstitutional in a court of law. To achieve this, SLEEPS in conjunction with local activists is planning a day of protest followed by a night of celebration and civil disobedience next Monday, January 7th. Free speech and unhoused activists along with other community members, both housed and unhoused, intend on being arrested in numbers for violating the Plaza curfew.  

We invite you to come in celebration and solidarity to make a statement to City and County government that we as a community will not accept the violation of our constitutional rights.  

For more information email alley[at]