Burrito Brigade Needs You (Who me? Yes, you!)

Burrito Brigade  feeds the hungry of Eugene & Springfield through a community network of food banks and personal donations and engages our community in the fight to end hunger. You can become part of their family by volunteering to help with cooking and hand delivery of their nutritious burritos every Sunday. Even though Lane County has enough food to feed every hungry person, excess food is not widely distributed, and some don’t have the knowledge or resources to access the food. Burrito Brigade gives away hot burritos to hungry locals and travelers on Sundays, when free food is especially scarce. For more info about the project and ways you can help email burritosundays@gmail.com.

MUSIC IN THE MEADOW: Benefit for Nightingale Health Sanctuary

Kickoff fundraiser: Sat., Jun. 7, 11am-6pm, Madison Meadow, W. 22nd and Madison; featuring Walker T. Ryan, SugarBeets, other local musicians & talented students.

Funds raised will support NHS and will provide amenities like port-a-potties for current homeless camps. NHS will provide safe community for un-housed people with disabilities living alongside individuals who can provide support.