Care Packages for Vets & Houseless Survivors

From Dandy of Occupy Medical: As the nights get cooler and the ground gets soggier, some of the treatment team at Occupy Medical are assembling care packages for veterans and houseless survivors flying cardboard signs welcoming the kindness of fellow Eugeneians passing through streetlights as we go to work and run our errands. Our goal is to assemble 25 care packages this week. If you’d like to contribute financially, you can sponsor one of these holiday care packages for $20 and put a smile on someone’s weathered face. To make a donation, go to Donate at Occupy Medical and put “Sponsor A Survivor” in the purpose line.

This project is assembled in memory and honor of my friend Jacob David George, a peace warrior and survivor of war trauma who spent many years of his life on the streets. Jacob David George in the Huffington Post

Whoville – Update

Whoville continues their protest camp at 6th and MIll in Eugene despite being ticketed on 11//24 and 11/26 for violating the City camping ban. So we’re wondering, what’s up EPD with all the tickets? Is Whoville too safe, too peaceful, too clean, too sanitary? To learn more about Whoville and how you can help, go to

Nightingale to Establish New Rest Stop

FINALLY – Lane County and the City of Eugene are working with Nightingale Health Sanctuary to establish a new rest stop on County land. The details are still being worked out, but it seems clear that the urgency of winter and the persistence of activists is pushing everyone to come up with solutions. Read this great article about the project in the Eugene Weekly County Steps Up