Oregon Legislature is looking at a Right to Rest Act

Oregon legislature is looking at a Right to Rest Act (SB629) right now and our representatives really need to hear from their constituents in favor of this bill. People can’t do better if they can’t get sleep to even be coherent the next day.  Give people a chance and legalize survival.  Please contact your representatives, so they hear from you before the work session scheduled with the Senate Human Services and Early Childhood Committee at 3pm April 16, 2015, Room:  HR B  Agenda item: 3.

For more information about this bill go to:  http://wraphome.org/?p=4072&option=com_wordpress&Itemid=119

To find out where it is at in the legislative process, go to http://gov.oregonlive.com/bill/2015/SB629/

Here is a list of representatives to contact who are involved with what is needed to further this legislation:

Senator Michael Dembrow 503-986-1723
Senator Jeff Kruse 503-986-1701
Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson 503-986-1725
Senator Alan Olsen 503-986-1720
Senator Chip Shields 503-986-1722
Senator Sara Gelser 503-986-1708