Policing the Police: Your Right to Record Law Enforcement

May 16, 5:30pm at 300 Country Club Rd., Eugene is the next Police Commissioners meeting where discussion of the policy will take place.  Go to the hearing or submit comments at http://www.eugene-or.gov/index.aspx?NID=1344.
      The Eugene Police Department is in the process of drafting a new policy regarding the right of the public to record police interactions. This forum discusses your constitutional rights to record police, why this right and responsibility is important to ensure police accountability, and how to record legally and safely. We also discuss the proposed draft of EPD Policy 415, “Recording Police Activities By the Community,” and provide information on how you can contribute to this process.
Eugene Policy 415 is being drafted right now and it needs community and professional input to make sure our constitutional rights are protected adequately.  Here is the link to a pertinent five minute clip from the last Eugene Police Commissioner’s meeting:  https://youtu.be/NDlBGUlpM4Q
Policy 415 and 606 for the pilot program putting cameras downtown can be viewed at http://www.eugene-or.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3638

Occupy Eugene Fundraising

Occupy Eugene is beginning a campaign to fund raise–so that we may continue to work for economic justice in Eugene.  If you would like to help, you can use the Occupy Eugene Direct Debit logo at http://occupyeugenemedia.org/donate/, go to the Oregon Community Credit Union to donate, or mail your contribution to Occupy Eugene at P.O. Box 744 Eugene OR 97440.
The Occupy Eugene We Pay link does not work for donations.  Which leads to our next very important call out for volunteers. We could really use your help!  You can sign up to volunteer at http://occupyeugenemedia.org/volunteer/.  We are especially in need for a website designer who can help with our current project to re-vitalize our website into an amazing resource for Occupiers worldwide.  People from Brazil look at our site and we want to make it the face of Occupy in Eugene– still alive and well.

Film: Fire in the Heartland

Don’t miss this outstanding film this Thursday, May 7 at 6 PM at the old Bijou (492 E. 13th Ave. Eugene). It tells the truth and inspires unlike the recent PBS documentary about “the end of the sixties” quoting Buchanan of all people at length and suggesting that Nixon felt terrible about the student deaths. What lies! This film and the Nixon tapes tell a completely different story America needs to hear. If you can’t attend but want to donate to help fund its distribution, go to https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?shva=1#label/[Gmail]%2FAct+on+Soon/14cfc46342314c52

Come Raise a Glass to Celebrate Community Radio!

Wed May 6th 2015
Eugene PeaceWorks is working to bring KEPW-LP 97.3, a real community radio station to Eugene!  Occupy Eugene sincerely supports this effort because independent media is so important in an era where we receive our news more and more based on corporate interests.  PeaceWorks just got word from the FCC that they have been granted an 18 month extension on their construction permit, which means they have enough time to fund raise to buy necessary equipment.  Today from 11 am to 10 pm at Oakshire Public House at 207 Madison St. $1 of every beer served all day will help launch Eugene’s first grassroots community radio station. There will be a EPW/KEPW table and live music in the evening provided Alder Street and The Slumps starting at 5. If you can’t attend but want to donate, call their office at 541-343-8548.

Beyond Vietnam- A Time to Speak! Video Footage

For those that missed Community Alliance of Lane County’s Dramatic Reading of MLK’s speech, Beyond Vietnam–A Time to Speak!, it was amazing!  And the Occupy Eugene Media Group has a great video of it to share with you at our youtube channel https://youtu.be/WsG1t58iQzU.  Martin Luther King wrote this speech in 1967 and it is seriously eerie how relevant it is today.  The Eugene Peace Choir opens the show.  Enjoy!


7 pm Wednesday, May 6th @ Mcnail-Riley House, 601 W. 13th Ave.
Sponsored by the Lane branch of the Industrial Workers of the World