Press Release: January 20th “Occupy the Courts”

On January 20th, Occupy Eugene will join forces with other Occupations gathering at Federal Courthouses across the Nation and with “We the People Eugene” to rally on the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” ruling, which removes all restrictions on corporate political contributions.  

1/4/12 Health Care for All Oregon Meeting

1/4/12 Health Care for All Oregon Meeting

Mad as Hell Doctors from Corvallis will give us Single Payer health care information and speaker training! We will be focusing on a new organizing strategy, goals for the coming year, and orientation for new volunteers, particularly from the Vermont Workers’ Center event. 

US Bank ReliaCard

1/11/12 Another Victory Against The Banks!!!

Due to pressure from an ongoing campaign by SEIU 503 and ESSN, as well as timely collaboration with multiple Occupy groups throughout Oregon,  State Treasurer Ted Wheeler announced yesterday, several key changes to the State’s Reliacard program that is contracted through US Bank. Many people had complained about excessive user fees instituted by US Bank