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Press Release: Poling Protests Organized by Independently Empowered Affinity Group

Press Release: The actions at George Poling’s residence were made up of participants of Occupy Eugene who acted on their own free will as part of an affinity group affiliated with the Occupy Eugene Actions committee. 

Eugene’s Homeless Back on the Streets for Christmas

For 75 days, in one of the longest running occupations in the US, Occupy Eugene provided a legal place to sleep, three meals daily, professional medical assistance, job skills trainings, and most importantly, a community for hundreds of homeless folks in Eugene. Simultaneously, we have explored with the city how Eugene might better serve homeless 

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 Occupy Eugene, Community Saddened by Death of Rick Adam Youngblood

Occupy Eugene, Community Saddened by Death of Rick Adam Youngblood

Occupy Eugene is extremely saddened by the news of the death of Rick Adam Youngblood, who was involved in a fight at the Occupy Eugene site late Monday night. Life on the streets is rarely easy. The unfortunate and hidden truth about homelessness is that it can be violent and dangerous, as we saw in the microcosm of street life that sprung up at Occupy Eugene. As a society, we condone and promote this state of affairs when we push the unhoused into the shadows on the periphery of our community and limit the resources available to them. The fight which ended Rick Adam Youngblood’s life was an unsettlingly common event; of a type generally dismissed by society. 

Occupy Eugene Responds to Eviction by City Council

Occupy Eugene is saddened by the City Council’s decision to evict protestors from Washington-Jefferson Park only 5 days before Christmas. The emergency meeting and decision to evict represents a clear betrayal of the collaborative relationship established between OE and the City. This decision will serve as further motivation to protesters here in Eugene and around 

Occupy Eugene responds to Police Expenditure

Occupy Eugene responds to Police Expenditure

Occupy Eugene applauds the city council for recognizing that homelessness is an issue requiring more significant attention, and for allocating greater funding for Eugene’s houseless population. However, Occupy Eugene did not request funds for an increased police presence at the site, and maintains that the site has been running adequately with the help of volunteer 

Occupy Eugene Celebrates Milestone, Will Continue Protest

On December 14th, Occupy Eugene reached a milestone in its ongoing protest after the City Council offered another extension of the municipal camping ban exemption, which has afforded the movement a legal occupation site since late October. In contrast to the fate of many Occupies in other cities, Occupy Eugene continues to actively engage with city officials, seeking partnership in addressing both acute and systemic social and economic issues. 

Occupy Eugene Education Alliance Occupies UO Senate Meeting

November 30, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE press [at] The Occupy Eugene Education Alliance and Action Committee facilitated a student walkout at the University of Oregon today, which began with a rally at the Erb Memorial Union amphitheater at 12:15 p.m. The walkout was titled “WTF – Why Tuition Fees?” and brought attention to the 

Why Occupy Eugene? Conversation Draws Over 300 Community Members

Why Occupy Eugene? Conversation Draws Over 300 Community Members

“There are many reasons I volunteer with Occupy Eugene … I am deeply concerned with humans who are less able to advocate for themselves,” said Occupy Eugene member and civil rights attorney Lauren Regan at the Why Occupy Eugene? panel discussion at Cozmic Pizza on November 28. “The brunt of the financial crisis has been 

OE Protests Black Friday

November 25, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   press [at] Occupy Eugene Protests Black Friday Eugene, OR-Approximately 100 Occupy Eugene protestors converged in a flash mob at the Valley River Center mall at 12:30 a.m. on Black Friday to protest corporate greed and mass consumerism. The group peacefully sang political carols with lyrics that exposed their