thoughts on moving forward

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thoughts on moving forward

Postby Mary B » Tue Nov 15, 2011 10:44 am

Greetings each and every one of you wonderful people:

The relocation of the meeting yesterday was unfortunate. Obviously, we are discovering that we can be too large of a group to meet in public spaces like the Wandering Goat or the library cafe without advance planning involving the public space. On the bright side, the fact that we can be too large of a group is a very good thing, though we need to figure out how to allow everyone a voice at the meeting. Because Actions are occurring so fast, requiring focus on the immediate, it is difficult to hold space for some of the first timers [or even sometimes for those whose faces we have seen several times now]. I'd like to share my thoughts on how we might structure meetings to allow people to be heard and empower people to move from the idea stage to the action stage.

I propose that we discuss/develop agenda at the start of the meetings [that may have occurred before I arrived after the relocation]. In addition to planning specific Actions, I propose including announcements of planned Actions/save the date. Most importantly, I propose that we allow some time, ten minutes [?] for affinity group breakouts. This may be best accomplished by introductions at the beginning of the meeting, allowing people a minute [or less] to say who they are and what brings them to the meeting and then using that info to facilitate people into breakout groups later in the meeting. The breakout would allow people to meet others with similar interests and build connections in their affinity area as well as identify the next steps for advancing their ideas into action. I recognize this takes time but feel it is important to capture some of the energy and begin moving the energy into Actions.

I met with a few people at the end of the meeting that are interested in doing some OE wide "training" [for lack of a better word], around how to use the affinity group model to move their ideas into Occupy Eugene Actions. We have not yet decided a date but figure we need two weeks notice and prep time. I welcome others who wish to be involved in the planning of this to contact me either in this thread or

On another note, I request some clarification on a decision reached yesterday on the sidewalk outside the Wandering Goat involving Rob from communications and Kristen. It was difficult for all to follow given we were not really in a meeting and there were side conversations going on. I understood that Rob was asking for liaison person from Actions to communicate with him when the Actions committee "approves" an Action as an OE Action and that he would not list any Action on facebook or the OE website until an Action was approved as an OE Action. Kristen stepped up into that role. William noted that Actions might not be/would not be [?] approved by consensus. I requested that if any Actions proposals were not going to be "approved" that everyone on the Action committee forum list serve be notified. Do I have that right? If so, Kristen, can you share your thoughts on how you see that decision being implemented? I seek to avoid having people thinking that any one person is somehow the final decision maker for the group, though I totally support the idea of having a liaison [spokesperson] communicating with other committees to further Actions.

Finally, I have concern that we, as a committee, are not posting minutes of our meetings. Reading minutes is one way people come up to speed on a group's activity and process and begin their involvement in the group. I propose that we find a note taker at the start of each meeting. That may have actually been done yesterday as I missed the start of the meeting when we moved from one place to another.

Last week I suggested that Kristen post her recap regarding affinity groups and you agreed but I've not seen them up yet. Kristen, may I post your recap to the Action Committee List as minutes for 11/7?

If anyone had told me only a few short months ago that the Eugene/Springfield community would have a group of committed people organizing Actions around the idea of economic inequality I'd have been overcome by joy and hope. If anyone told me it would be happening over over the nation - all over the world - I'd have thought they were a bit out of touch with reality. Yet today there can be no denying the power of the people! Yes, there have been difficulties and set backs. But, all in all, I AM OVERCOME WITH JOY AND HOPE and hope that each of you are holding a space within to recognize and celebrate our new reality.

Keep up the great work. Take care of yourselves, your bodies and your spirits, so we can continue moving forward together. Take care of each other by showing the kindness you want to see in this movement. As Sweet put it "This is a marathon, not a sprint." Let us all be together at the finish line - strong in spirit, strong in community!

Occupy the Earth,


P.S. Sweet, please confirm you are receiving Action Committee Emails through this forum list serve.
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