Hanging Victory Banners along the way

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Hanging Victory Banners along the way

Postby Ross » Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:16 pm

My apologies Actions, as this was also posted on General Discussions.
As the Occupy movement heads into the American Spring, it is important that we not only occupy our cities, our country, but that we also hang victory banners along the way.
The Foreclosure issue is a victory in progress and we can make it even more effective through the solidarity of every group out there. Teachers, union workers, mail workers, church assemblies, almost every single group out there has folks struggling with this issue.
Lets bring them all together in April. We can fill the streets of Eugene with people demanding that the City, and the state put a moratorium on all foreclosures and that the AG files law suits and criminal charges against those responsible. Good bye BoA.
There is another foreclosure auction set for April 5th, and this is when Lauren S's property has been rescheduled for sale.
From all multiple directions, we can bring in marchers, drummers and speakers. ALEC can be revealed in grand style and the Organized Crime behind foreclosures can be made fully visible to our entire state.
I propose that we put this on the Calendar now begin planning now, so that on that day we have thousands in the street. It would be great to re-occupy the Park Blocks for this event, put up info tents and an assembly tent. Actively demanding our rights to assemble. No camping. Just active protest as granted by our state and federal constitutions.
rise up in solidarity and victory will follow
If this sounds like the right thing to plan for, lets get other Occupys around the state to join in. I mentioned it to Medford and the person I was in contact with said it sounds like an action that Occupy Medford would like to support, although, they could not speak for OM,
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Re: Hanging Victory Banners along the way

Postby Ross » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:47 am

After attending the Occupy Bend GA last night, and helping them to start up their own Foreclosure action team, and their efforts to make Saturdays a major meet up and actions days, and getting some responses from OE and others, it seems as if a Saturday action might work a bit more in favor of joint solidarity from other groups in Eugene and around the state.
So I would think that Saturday the 31st of March would be a great way to end the month.
Lets work on this please. The new date for Laurens Foreclosure Auction is on[u] the 5th, a Thursday. And While we can still join her in support on that day, it seems that the action would accomplish more on Saturday. Demanding a moratorium on all foreclosures in Oregon. Demanding the AG file law suits and criminal charges, and placing a cease and desist order for any company doing business in Oregon, that is found guilty of participating in the Foreclosure scheme.
We will bust the BofA. Their foundation is cracked and we will bring them down, if we make all of Oregon aware of what has happened, and at the same time, and because of the major connection to the foreclosure issue, we can also expose ALEC and get them out of Oregon.
the time to plan for this is now, please join in with concerns, ideas, and support
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