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Postby rickettsia » Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:36 pm

The concept of Proactions was proposed as an Affinity group within Actions Committee, but I believe it should permeate the OE community, and would like to propose a few ideas and see what others think!

Create community building actions that strengthen our connections with this town, and with those in the 99% that are more focused on survival than action

    This would involve creating "assignments" for occupiers to go into the community and connect with someone dissimilar to them, i.e. going to the cashier at Walmart who is on her smoke break and asking what she needs, what her struggles are, and how she can be supported by our movement

    These assignments are then compiled into stories, solutions, and actions, i.e. researching solutions for transportation, daycare, housing, etc. based on the needs of the community
    The larger effects of these actions will be felt in the creation of solidarity within the general population, and the beauty of finding common ground with other humans

    In building these relationships we can help to educate those that are struggling, helping them to understand the connection between poverty, suffering, and corporate/government oppression

Proactions can be quite dynamic, utilizing the power of our movement to mobilize support for those in need. They are positive actions that create strength, unity, and solidarity, and can be done by anyone, despite committees or other obligations. Ideas? Thoughts? More proactions? This is quite novel, but I believe it has potential, with increased support and development...


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Postby jeanstac » Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:42 pm

i read this for the first time tonight. has it gone anywhere yet? after the 15th we should pick this one up and run with it..... there is a woman doing a video on the personal stories IN occupy....maybe she would like to expand to this as one person out there asking the questions.
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