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Postby ellibird » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:40 pm

If Action would be willing to do a few things, we could really improve the effectiveness and reputation of our Marches and Protests.....

Mail out to all what support is missing during the planning stages of each action. (I was informed Action Committee Needs More Support.)
Have a list of roles for each march, and assign important leadership tasks from that list, to dependable protestors.
Have a (Less Public) PowWow prior to rally and march with anyone who wants to help the march be organized and successful, including all Occupy participants at the event, to get folks on the same page about chants, procedure of march, banner procedures for maximized visibility and effectiveness, bringing all signs to the edge at corners and stop lights, along road side....make signs as visible as possible at all times, not to EVER stand in between banners and traffic, how we would like to keep chanting through certain parts of the route, specifying the key areas to be as loud as possible, clarify the roles being filled and who they are and what they are doing and how we are asked to participate with those individuals during the march: and ediquite reminders about traffic, letting people turn/get through at the right times, staying on sidewalk, how to wait for the group if we get stuck separated at a light, how to try to move quickly, to get through a light together.

Publication of the Event through tight channels of supporters. This requires prior organization and many flier makers, printers, and hander outers.
Suggesting bike and self decoration according to the march hours prior to joining for the event; explaining that the march begins for us individually hours or days before the actual event starts.

I'd like us to think of creative alternatives to the way we've uniformely walked...maybe a single file line that is longer, sometimes would catch more attention, especially if we stand along the roadside and traffic, with a bunch of red banners that are all connected to eachother in content somehow....

We could walk back and forth a few times across a crosswalk or a few crosswalks in certain areas for a couple hours even, like at the library or other very public locations too.

We may want some kind of a noise maker that the "march leader" has to direct us to move on and which direction, when the time is right.

Added Possible Roles:
Chant Master with a List and Voice and Willingness to Lead Powerful Chants, and agreements with the group to Trust that Chant Leadership....
(some chants are less supported by the group and end up being weak, due to disagreement about them.)
Trained Banner Holders Who are On Top of the Most Effective Way to Hold Them and Have them Seen.
Legal Observer and Crowd Manager (of course)

We do have a megaphone. We need to decide if we want it and bring it to all rallys and marches if so. Mike Check builds community and perhaps at times, a megaphone would also be best. Deciding that ahead of the action event.

PS I will share that many of us are seeing that setting up a model for meeting the needs of the local homeless people in a legal encampment is our goal, in order to do something useful with all our efforts at our various sites thus far.

There are forces trying to shut us down and others that would like us to succeed. The City's stance on this is that if we can't do it, they don't have to become responsible for these people's rights and needs. Despite how much more support we could use right now, we are not going to necessarily get it until we can prove that this works and is a viable option to way things have been in Eugene. I see it as a very important ACTION to create a very smooth working model on site, in addition to weekly marches, teach-in's and actions. Barring nothing serious shuts us down, we have until December 13th to whip it into shape enough to turn heads. We have the potential to succeed at this, if we can get on the same page with eachother about the

A big part of succeeding at this is not only jumping on our Safety Committee and Sub-Committee work, obtaining quick enough buy-in (not drug out for weeks, maybe only days if necessar) from the group about implementing these new well-thought out procedures, for managing the challenges that we currently face, putting us at risk of failure of our ever-important goals.

I see that an critical piece to our success is going to be the majority of our group on the same page about our goal(s) and our plan for attacking them effectively and efficiently in a focused manner!

Lastly, I have painted a banner that says, "Please Help Us with Eugene's Homeless Community". I was saddened that it was deemed less important and left behind by someone, because it wasn't about Egypt. My call out is, this banner and other like it possibly, should be at ALL marches, as it is the heart of our LOCAL ACTION despite whatever more broad topic we've chosen for all following marches, etc. This banner belongs at all of them and will begin to be noticed as a consistent clear request and message from our protest. This feels important me and I would like support in making sure this banner is included forever after and carried with pride!

Thank you.

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Postby rickettsia » Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:01 am

If people would actually be willing to participate in the planning of actions, then it would further improve our reputation regarding marches and rallies. Interestingly, the best press and community feedback this Occupation has received has been in response to Actions, so it would seem that other areas - not Actions, require more immediate restructuring if we're concerned about reputations. While I appreciate the comments here, I would like to make a clear note that transient participation like this thread, and the listserv is THE MAIN REASON Actions Committee has been struggling. If people put as much energy being physically present in the meetings and taking on more responsibility there than they did criticizing via the listserv, and now, per this command, the forum (and facebook), Actions would be amazing. That being said, Actions in struggle truly means that the work of Actions is being disproportionately executed by a tiny handful of folks, with the remainder of the committee complaining about what is wrong, or what could be done in forums such as this. This is the true issue that needs to be addressed, not just one of simple to-do lists and petty delegation of tasks. To think these approaches have not been taken is a reflection of your lack involvement.This is a systemic issue - not just with our committee, but across the board. Most of our listservs are overwhelmed with "well-meaning" ideas and redirection, but these people rarely take ACTION, and unfortunately the same people that plague the listservs with their "advice" are synonymous, and are in nearly every listserv, yourself included.

Elli, while I see you've moved a conversation into a demand, it's not quite your place to judge, as you have not been involved enough in this committee to dictate reorganization. You have created amazing banners, but only with second-hand direction, and I continued, even pushed against the deadline, to instruct you on titles. These tips have all been tried, and more effectively than mailing, they have been directed in person, and via email - this would be clear if you were present at the meetings. I would actually re-title your posting to state "MAKING OUR OCCUPATION AS SUCCESSFUL AS OTHERS HAVE BEEN WITH INCREASED PARTICIPATION AND LESS CRITICISM."

Almost all of your suggestions, while appreciated, have been delegated and tried, save single-file walking, which would be a nightmare since we observe traffic laws and already struggle with keeping the group together. It would extend the march to a level of time that most could not afford to participate in, remove active discussion during marches, and create challenges for younger, older, and alter-abled folks.

Publicizing our events via media and communications has been slow, inaccurate and painful, and is out of the hands of this committee. Getting funding for flyer printing and people to distribute flyers has been stifling and too late for complete exposure and effectiveness. This is because the same tiny group of people who plan the action, make the route, and create the flyer distribute the flyer. They press upon finance the necessity of timely funding, they press upon communications the necessity of timely and accurate posting of flyers, event times, and press releases, yet in both respects, the response is dull and delayed. This highlights the notion that ALL COMMITTEES LACK ASSISTANCE, AND LACK THE LITERAL PARTICIPATION OF THEIR MEMBERS, YET NONE LACK THE CONTINUAL CRITICISM OF PEOPLE WITHIN THEM. Get out and do something instead of trying to paint a portrait of how things might function more effectively.

Elli, I know that you actively participate in a variety of things, but if you wish to make a difference, choose to be involved in those things in which you can fully participate. Actions is my passion, as is research - this is where I focus nearly all of my energy, and to be continually criticized by people who fail to focus their energy, aiming it like a shotgun across the work of everyone around them, is hurtful and counter-productive.

Solidarity, Frustration, and Nearly Burnt Out,

Kristen (and the tiny group of folks who recognize THAT ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS)
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Postby Paula » Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:07 pm

I would like to be involved in this committee, how do I initiate pluggin in?
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Postby Mary B » Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:24 am

Greetings Paula:

Welcome, we meet on Mondays at 5 and Thursdays at 4 at the site - dome if available. This Thursday, the 17th, may be later if the Action planned for the day runs late than expected.

Mary B
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