OE VISIBILITY needs a shot in the arm!

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OE VISIBILITY needs a shot in the arm!

Postby Graham L » Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:34 pm

Hey, y'all. I came to tonight's GA with logos, but also wanting to rally support for getting a crew out in a very visible place holding signs and waving at passers-by. At ABP, I got a bunch out the first day and it dwindled over five or so days to me being out alone imagining what people must have been thinking about our numbers and commitment. How about every day picking a new high-traffic intersection in a different part of town and having 3-4 people with signs interacting with everyone who passes? I loved Alley's announcement about the BadAss Cmte. My idea could be allied with their shtick for a double-whammy of amusing yet thought-provoking. Whadayasay?
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