Can Eugene do what Toronto is doing on mental health?

Can Eugene do what Toronto is doing on mental health?

Postby davidwoaks » Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:27 pm

Word is.... Occupy Toronto in Canada is fully embracing working with psychiatric survivor activists about the corporate mental health system.

Occupy Toronto is co-sponsoring a major event in early May 2012, when we are doing "Occupy American Psychiatric Association" to protest the incredible harm caused by the corporate mental health system.

Ideas? What's an easy first step that doesn't involve a lot of work for anyone?

BELOW is an email i sent to the old email list for Occupy mental health...


Hi OEC mental health committee list,

Not sure if this email list is active. I guess the committee is not (see at bottom).

But I hope some kind of effort will continue on the intersection of mental health, social justice and Occupy Eugene?!?

Two things:

** The other day, Carla, I noticed you emailed about an individual who as banned from LTD. I'm so glad you're advocating for folks. One of the proposals we have about mental health is more MENTAL HEALTH PEER ADVOCATES. That way, people banned from LTD, library, exclusion zone, University of Oregon -- all of which we've heard complaints about -- will at least have a peer by their side to go through any advocacy or appeal process, and help stand up for their rights.

** Along similar lines, one of the things we've been really trying to bring up with the Community Task Force on Homelessness has been in fact support for more mental health peer advocates. It's been a little challenging to bring this up. I sure hope it somehow managed to get on someone's radar somehow!

** By the way, our folks in Toronto say that Occupy Toronto has not only embraced the fight for rights in mental health, but is CO-SPONSORING an protest on May 5, which is our occupy American Psychiatric Association day. They say Occupy Toronto has been incredibly supportive of the movement there run by psychiatric survivors and mental health consumers. I hope Occupy Eugene can be too?



On 11 Feb 2012, at 7:37 PM, David W. Oaks wrote:

A number of people have expressed interest to me this past month, in the Occupy Eugene community continuing to learn about, explore and promote major change in the mental health system, in a variety of ways.

Count me in!

The occupy camp showed just how huge the issue mental health issue is...

Now that the camp is over, it's more important than ever for the 99 percent to get hands on with the corporate mental health system.

For one thing, Dale Kegley has suggested having at least one day when we set up a Mental Health Peer Advocacy booth near the free Occupy health care booth.

We've helped coordinate the Project Homeless Connect Mental Health Peer Advocacy Booth for about five years, and would love to help on that, especially since Project Homeless Connect is not happening this year.

Another brainstorm is to have a fun mental wellness 'event' -- to celebrate the mental and emotional resilience during tough times, for everyone.



On 11 Feb 2012, at 12:36 PM, wrote:

Hello Occupiers!

I am interested in doing something together related to Occupy and MH. Perhaps we could provide some on site intervention? Perhaps have a mental health clinic day? Any thoughts? Coco are you still out there?


From: "Carla Newbre" <>
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Subject: Re: [oec_mentalhealth] coordinator or liaison of OE mental health committee?

Don't remember for sure, but it would probably be me, Pam, and/or Benja. The original focus was on making sure there was mental health crisis response during the Occupy, and on providing de-escalation trainings in conjunction with the Peacekeepers.

Now that Occupy Eugene is in a new incarnation, the Mental Health Support Committee is completely inactive and seems headed for the Dead Horse Barn. Unless members of the committee have interest in reviving it with a new direction, perhaps should be dissolved. That would be my preference, rather than having it morph into something entirely different than its original focus.

Perhaps we should meet one more time to discuss this possibility; can we get a temperature check via response to this email, please?

David, I would encourage you and others who share your focus to form a new OE committee, affinity group or working group specific to your interests and needs, and name it accordingly. There's not much process needed for this--just have a meeting, decide on your purpose, then go to a General Assembly and announce it.

I think this would serve your interests much better than trying to get those of us who had a different focus on board with your goals.


On Jan 14, 2012, at 10:47 PM, David W. Oaks wrote:

> Hi,
> I was asked a great question at an OE meeting that was coordinating and tracking various committees...
> Who is coordinating or acting as a liaison for this important OE mental health committee????
> Can someone let me know about this soon?
> Thanks,
> David
> P.S. And a friendly but urgent reminder for each of you to help me revive the FORUM about mental health -- it's important for a variety of reasons:
> viewforum.php?f=16
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