please revive this MENTAL HEALTH forum/committee

please revive this MENTAL HEALTH forum/committee

Postby davidwoaks » Fri Dec 30, 2011 12:04 pm


Please help revive this MENTAL HEALTH forum!

First, THANKS to everyone for being so receptive and supportive at yesterday's General Assembly, Thurs., 12/30.

There I presented a proposal about MENTAL HEALTH and Occupy -- That Occupy Eugene co-sponsor a forum/teach-in on the topic of challenging the corporate mental health system, and creating humane alternatives. YES a variety of perspectives will be welcome!

Second, please consider posting a comment, question, or encouragement on this mental health forum. This is a great opportunity to build community, to educate one another about this important topic.

I do not intend to flood this forum with announcements about mental health activism in Lane County.

I'd encourage those interested in getting occasional alerts and updates about all the many local activities, to just get out the MindFreedom Lane County NEWS list here: ... ounty-news

You can sign up there for free, and/or you can just check the archive link on that page periodically.

Just this moment I posted about the FIRST WEDNESDAY. This is a monthly gathering and we are having our 105th this Wednesday at 5:30 pm. The topic is 101 Intro on Mental Health Liberation, so it would be a good one to attend! It's at 5:30 pm, and there's free refreshment. It's right by the new office for Occupy Eugene in the Growers Market Building, second floor, 454 Willamette.

If you sign up on the above alert list for MindFreedom Lane County News, you'll get alerts like that and others.

If you are VERY interested, everyone is invited to join the free open DISCUSSION list specifically on changing the local mental health system, here: ... ounty-talk

I intend to get back to a GA sometime, and bring back COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS from people about co-sponsoring that teach-in/forum. This would be a good place for those, so we can have a record and all read them.




David W. Oaks, Director, MindFreedom International
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Re: please revive this MENTAL HEALTH forum/committee

Postby kokomojo » Fri Dec 30, 2011 1:19 pm

Hi All!
What I'd love to see at a teach-in is super creative mad movement workshops about stigma, empowerment, current developments in the mad-movement, specific discussion about how OE can break down barriers within our movement, get educated and reach out!! Thanks for this forum David!
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Re: please revive this MENTAL HEALTH forum/committee

Postby mcarrigan » Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:52 pm

Hosting a Mental Health forum for OE is a great idea. Thanks to David Oaks for coming by.

Michael Carrigan
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Re: please revive this MENTAL HEALTH forum/committee

Postby davidwoaks » Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:04 am

Thank you Jennifer, Michael, Majeska and a couple of others for encouraging addressing mental health.

However, I'm feeling there's not a lot of interest in doing a teach-in at this moment.

I'm not sure why but I have a bunch of guesses:


At a GA I attended last week, I was impressed by the amazing energy, passion, commitment -- all on a cold rainy night in between the holidays. But I must have counted about 20 efforts going on that night. I recognize this from my own activism. I think people mean well, but are getting pulled in a lot of different directions, and are spread thin.


During the encampment, some folks with significant mental and emotional problems kind of forced the issue starting from the FIRST NIGHT in the FIRST CAMP.... Middle of the night yelling, crisis, drug addiction, alcohol.

There was a feeling of crisis, and of course the resources at Occupy Camps were really beyond overwhelmed. Plus, because of various political philosophies, there was not the self-determination to create a camp with a firmer boundary, organized 24-hour security especially at gate, etc., or for the GA to self-initiate shutting down the camp.

Now with the camp over... we may be getting back to 'normal,' where mental health isn't as discussed.

I had emailed the 'mental health' committee a few times asking to revive this forum, and also I brought this up at GA. I totally realize people are busy, but I'm not yet seeing energy and outreach on this.

I'm hoping that the new homelessness task force of, I heard, about 50 folks has a specific representative of, by and for groups representing mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors. However, I know this inclusion takes special outreach, information and 'cultural competency, so.... maybe not.


Internet forums aren't the best place for really addressing this. I was hoping we could get some face-to-face focused discussion on these topics, and then a teach-in. It's doubtful many people will even be reading a long-ish post like this, on this particular topic, at this point.

Part of taking care of myself, is NOT taking this all on myself, too, and harboring our grassroots efforts' resources.

I think until I get some more feedback from at least a few people who want to help me champion this, I'm going to wait a bit...

We are currently focusing on a national protest in Philadelphia on 5 May 2012 -- google Occupy American Psychiatric Association Boycott Normal! -- so I've got to focus on that.

Here in Lane County we are already doing about four or five activities a month.

Our MindFreedom office is directly across from Occupy office in Growers Market, 454 Willamette.... anyone interested drop on by, or phone us at 541-345-9106.

Thanks to anyone who has followed this.

In support,


David W. Oaks, Executive Director
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