I have been removed from the OE list serv

I have been removed from the OE list serv

Postby Ross » Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:16 pm

I wanted to share this because it concerns me. First I must say I have considered removing myself for several weeks. Bit to be removed because of what has taken place is what concerns me.
Kittie Kat, whoever that is, sent an a message on the email list in regards to Media coverage of the movement. She said there was no media black out and she knew this because she has a friend that works for KEZI. I totally disagreed with her, and rather than dragging everybody into the issue, I just emailed her directly. I told her I thought she was absolutely wrong. I did not attack or threaten her, yet she posted my private msg on the OE listserv and claimed it was a hostile attack. The she whined to Reid and Reid warned me with removal. I was shocked. I sent her a follow up expaliaing I did not attack nor was I being hostile. I then sent a report from the huffington and the NY times about the Media Black Out and what it looks like in percentages of the news. this is the short of it
News coverage of Occupy has fallen off significantly since late last year, according to an analysis by the Project for Excellence in Journalism.
Michael Schmidt goes on to say-
“In October, coverage of Occupy made up 6 percent of the news generated by news organizations in the United States. That number climbed to 14 percent in the middle of November and then slid to 1 percent in December. The number remained below 1 percent in January and February and has been so small this month that the Project for Excellence in Journalism said it was equivalent to no coverage.”
Although the coverage has fallen off, concerns about economic opportunity and equality are at the highest levels since the mid-1990s.
After which I received notice from Reid I had been removed from the OE list. What the hell is up with that? Not only were his actions unfounded, but totally out of line with OE policies. Maybe not. Maybe this is good confirmation for my exit
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