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Portland and now New York

PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:18 am
by Ross
We are actively seeing the results of a lack of activity. NYPD took down NY OWS at 1:30am this morning. If there was 100,000 in the streets of Portland or NY, instead of 1000, neither camp would have been shut down. Our solidarity must manifest itself on the streets. There is no other way, all else is rhetoric. One hand clapping. Get up, get out and shout - It is our voice that the rest of the world will hear, or not. Its our call, join together and stand as one, or watch one after another get shut down, until finally we join the ranks of the fallen.

Ira from the Systemic Change Work Group has called for a March in solidarity with NY and Portland today. Gathering at WJP at 11am. Another idea was just raised, "take this march to Down Town Park Blocks" and have a candle light vigil. Float hundreds of candles in the fountain, sing, chant and just reoccupy the Park Lots for the day, until dark at least, for the best effects of the candle vigil. ???? I liked the idea presented by Danial, and thought i would throw it out there. No matter what we decide to do, please just be there to do whatever we decide to do.

I am hoping that ComCom will help get the call for a "flash march" for solidarity out to all they can, email, the forums, phone calls and word of mouth