Offer of Clearwire modem, name tag laminates

Offer of Clearwire modem, name tag laminates

Postby BraveBeatrice » Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:27 pm

I have two months left on a Clearwire contract and no one is using the modem. Would it be helpful? Advantage -- it can be used anywhere with an electrical outlet so it's mobile. Ethernet connection to one computer but I think it can be wireless with a router.

I can make double-sided, laminated (dry) name tags on a cord for whoever wants them. I have about 100 laminates now but can get more.
I was thinking of the Oregon/star graphic with Occupy Eugene under it (vertical orientation of the website header). I'd like to add in smaller print under that "Because I AM HERE, the world is getting better." People could write their name on the other side and then I'd laminate them, add a cord.

I think this would help us in several ways.
• We'd get to know each others names in camp which is friendly and leads to better communication.
• We would have a greater visibility in the community. Not all our supporters are campers and this would show where we are and make us approachable for people who want to know more but don't come to our encampment. I've been surprised at the positive reactions I've received from all kinds of people.
• We'd connect with each other out in the larger community. Solidarity!

I could bring tags to info this evening and return them in time for tomorrows march.

Let me know what you think here, or beatrice at brave beatrice dot com
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Re: Offer of Clearwire modem, name tag laminates

Postby jamil » Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:28 am

Yes, please email me jamil [at] so I can get it from you. Fantastic!

Also, the name tags are a brilliant idea! Laminating and using a dry erase makes a whole lot of sense. These should be taken to the Info Booth Thanks!
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