Media Response Coordination

Media Response Coordination

Postby EugTeach » Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:27 pm

This is a thread to post strategies to respond to local news reports and articles about OE. After each article or story posted online, there is a section for people to post comments. Many of the comments that are posted are derogatory towards Occupy. I feel that it is important that we make sure that the online discussions are not dominated by our opponents, who are largely reacting out of misinformation, and perpetuating the spread of this misinformation.

Post any suggestions for strategy for media response here.

Example: Try to emphasize the positive aspects of the story. Try not to engage in name calling or escalation. Remember, these are public discussions and what you say and how you say it reflects on the larger group.

As new articles come up, please post links in the General Discussions thread titled "Media Response Alert!"
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