Jan 14th MLK day - the Dream

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Jan 14th MLK day - the Dream

Postby SonicBoomProductions » Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:11 pm

Hi, this is George and Margot from Sonic Boom Productions, hosting the "We Have a Dream" event on Jan 14th. We are thrilled to host this event in support for the movement. Thank you to those who have posted here already. We appreciate your help and creative ideas.

We are kindly requesting the Sanitation Committee for assistance in sanitation related requirements for the event:

We need volunteers to help us throughout the night to keep the place in order at all times. (Event time: 5pm - 6am-ish) We'll accommodate shifts according to availability. The Goal: 1 person at all times and 3 by the end of the night to help us clean up and wrap.
1. One volunteer Shift 6pm-10pm
2. One volunteer Shift 10pm-2am
3. Two volunteers Shift 2am-6am

1. Paper towels
2. Trash bins (4)
3. Recycle bins (3)
4. Trash bags- large
5. Ash/Butt cans (2)

Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

This is going to be a major success and great way to help inform the locals about the purpose of Occupy Eugene! Let's really rock this thing!
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