far to important not to be more visibly active

far to important not to be more visibly active

Postby Ross » Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:44 pm

Hey Outreach, reach in and get a stead fast hold on the importance of this committee, and then reach out to our community, and other occupy's. Action is always good, great action has great participation.
OE has many goals that are shared by so many others, and the effort to rally the masses is of monumental importance. For example.
I have mentioned the proposed Foreclosure/ALEC actions for April 5th, on FB. Already getting support from several. Every organization, congregation, union and group in our state has people, families that are close to them that have lost their income do to this manipulated economic disaster and are loosing their homes because of it and when they find out it can be stopped, many will get on board. Lets tip the scales of political balance in Salem by staging the largest bipartisan movement the state has ever experienced. Foreclosures must be stopped and we have the ability to do this. ALEC must get shut down, and we also can do this, Contact all organizations and begin gaining their support to participate in the proposed April 5th foreclosure/ALEC action at the County Courthouse. This should spill into the park blocks and beyond.
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