Sanitation Needs Help

Sanitation Needs Help

Postby Marie_S » Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:27 pm

The Sanitation Committee needs help reaching out to the community and reaching in to people occupying.

Thank you :)

Help Sort
We need people to help sort trash and recycling. This coming week we will
only have one main person sorting all of the trash and recycling. That is
a big task. Please people, step up and help sort trash and recycling.
It has been difficult getting people to participate or follow the bin

Dump Runs

Occupy Eugene needs a few people to pick one to two days out of the week
to make dump runs. Today between 8am and 3 pm, 8 large trash bags were
added to the trailer, to give you an idea of how much trash we are
producing. We need somebody every day to take the trailer to the dump, at
this point Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday need to be filled more than

Recycling Runs
Occupy Eugene needs a few people to make recycling runs every day too. We
try to sort the recycling and bag it separately so it can be dropped off
easily. We'd like to create a schedule so that we know we can count on
people to help out.

Compost Retrieval
Occupy Eugene needs some people to take the compost as well. Right now, we
only have one person who takes the compost and she does it by bike

Port-a-Potty Caretaking Team
We need any brave souls that want to take on the role of port-a-potty
caretakers. The duties would be to double check the units have been
serviced as scheduled and that Bucks has marked off the doors of the units
when they are serviced. The other duties would be re-filling TP in the
units when it is low, cleaning up messes inside the units, and closing off
units when needed. The caretakers would report on the port-a-potty
checklist located in the info booth under the Sanitation volunteer sign-up
sheet. The caretakers would also contact the Bucks contact person from the
Sanitation committee, currently that is Marie, to request extra servicing
or report issues.

Attend Sanitation Committee Meetings
We have a committee meeting every Thursday at 5:30p, but we will NOT be
holding one on 11/24. Our next meeting will be Thursday 12/1/2011 at
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