Lost Valley Education Center Invitation to OE

Lost Valley Education Center Invitation to OE

Postby kokomojo » Sat Nov 26, 2011 4:04 pm

Hi All,
I sent an email to Lost Valley a ways back and got this response. They are an intentional community living group outside of Pleasant Hill area on Lost Creek off of 58. They have great programs about permaculture. Really neet folks. They have invited us to speak and to tour their land.
They might have some great ideas to share with us about living in community.

Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 12:06:19 -0800
Subject: Re: occupy eugene
From: tyler@lostvalley.org
To: kokomojo0664@msn.com
CC: scottperey@gmail.com; engine@riseup.net; colin@lostvalley.org

We're holding a two week permaculture design course from December 1st to 14th. Would there be interest in some people coming out to tour our land, attend a relevant session of the course, and discuss living in community with us? This would probably work out for us during the second week of the course, although I have to check with the instructors and students. This (with instructor's permission) can be a free event, although donations would be encouraged.

In support of our shared mission,
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