Charter School Want's Us to Come Explain OE

Charter School Want's Us to Come Explain OE

Postby Joemomasnuts » Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:29 pm

Hello I'm Joe, new to Outreach, haven't made a meeting but been active with OE from day one. Thanks for having me :-) I have been asked to come speak at the downtown charter school @ 45 W Broadway I believe. I'm wanting to form a small group to plan/ discuss the best way to do this. I believe a diverse explanation of why occupy is important from a few different style people, gender, credentials ect. I'm thinking about three of us give short speech's, maybe have some flyers to hand out. I'm interested in discussing what is appropriate and wanting input on how to make this a success. The class has been active at our camps and are familiar with OE so we could expand on the basics and highlight what we have accomplished and some goals and such. If anyone is also interested in this Please connect with me on it! Since January is education month maybe we can visit a few schools!? Either comment on here our call me at 541 912 5636 Joe or Email I have contacted Plaedo and his gf and also Paul Simon. If there is anyone else that wants to do this our has suggestions Please pass it on. Ideally I'd love to have this ready by early next week. Peace and Love
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