02.09.2012 COMM MEETING

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02.09.2012 COMM MEETING

Postby ReidKimball » Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:22 pm

Attendees: Rob, reid, Fergus, lary, bret, jan, gwen

Announcements – lotus opinion Sunday
Shaylor FB
Newsletter - opinion
City 100K
Open house feb 26th
Minutes proposal
Criteria for removing people from comm listserve
Number of stars for documents
Criteria for opinions
Criteria for posting on website
Another facebook admin for OE group, invite Carla and Gregory
Listserve ownership
Announcement – gwen – march feb 18th “you can’t jail the revolution” Will fill out form. Wants a press release.
Annoucement – web committee send email via email to comm and web

Shaylor’s FB page
This is a business page, find information.
Rob to make page admin post visible first.
Make announcement about the page on website.
Email all committees, have a training.
Consented FB page awesomeoness.

11 to 1p wed, needs writer’s to go to events and do a 300 word writeup. First release march 1st. comm comm can have an article in it, written by Vickie? Pdf online.
Working with Rob to include photos.
Vickie – write about comm and our needs.
Rob suggests 1 page double sided
Possible name – The Eugene Occupier
Newsletter will approve content, final draft gets approved by comm in a meeting, then run a print.

City 100K
press release on crabgrass.
Bret to send notification of press release to comm.
Use this press release to train Vickie, jana, bret how to send them.
Vickie – will write post on website to encouraging letter writing campaign behind this issue to hold council accountable.

Open house Feb 26th
Opportunity to have an open house here at occupy 5 a chance for public to learn about our committees?
Jana dinner tables?
Leverage this weekend to recruit.
Gwen and jana to collect committee info for a one page listening of all committees and how to plug in.
We will not have an open house event feb 26th but will in march. But we will have material to hand out on the 25th.
10th or 24th of march to have an open house. Bret will check with outreach and report on Sunday.

Vickie’s Minutes
We report the business of decision and action items for people with target date for completion.
Proposals are written to minute taker.
Minutes are approved in beginning of meeting.
Consented on minutes proposal.

Sunday Agenda
Open house in march?
Listserve ownership/moderator policy
Criteria for removing people from comm listserve
Number of stars for documents
Criteria for opinions
Criteria for posting on website
Rob’s facebook idea?
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