Research Legal 2.8.12

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Research Legal 2.8.12

Postby jeanstac » Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:15 am


Lauren’s office will deliver a draft on dpsz Friday from cldc

Here is the Exclusion Process:
I will not post this, because it was inaccurate. Instead, we will post Lauren’s flow chart and explanation when it arrives:

CLDC has a flow chart on the know your rights page

Strategy: Lauren will submit comments to whole list on Friday (technically has to be done by Monday latest to be part of the packet.) lauren will also draft notes for occupy, circulate them for comment. Will also put together a handbill with date, etc. and try to put it around. Also Lauren will use OE contact list….

Downtown revitalization is missing the commons is theme of ally/john at Keysey

Carla will do letter to the editor on dpsz. Lauren will focus on the weekly.
Shopping Cart Parade….handbills could be used here….There is a mid-town merchant association. Tactics Board Shop….skateboards are being confiscated, haved to go to court to get them back. Daniel was put in jail for skateboarding, he ran and was jailed.
Ally will find out if public forum is allowed on date of vote.
Lauren’s communiqué will contain boilerplate they can paste into their own letter and ask them to send it in. Michael will talk to jamil about trying to set up a response/exchange
Lauren will not be here for mtg. for weds….
Allley: no dog ordinance at university. Trying to do an identical one downtown …last weekend in fe. For a work session. Equal protection clause needs to be emphasized.
Terri: midtown business association…541-charles warren 485-0312 michael syman –degler 345-9681
Web-site…they didn’t get help from city ….

James thinks td is separate from actions now . Kristen became independent with the intent to collaborate with OE without being controlled by it.
James announced Occupy LCC is a done deal…they are officially formed.
Ally noted that Keysey events will be announced from now on. Keyse square revival is on its own, not a project of OE

ALEC…Lauren F29. Lauren is doing training and planning in Portland and is willing to do an ALEC talk in Eugene and she will get 1 or two other speakers. We should ask library or outreach to make the arrangements and organize it (tentatively for the 27th of Feb) and for them to coordinate with lauren and comm. comm. for publicity. At that talk, Lauren could announce whatever lawful action the action action committee will plan.
Lauren will see if Portland is targeting any corporation that is also in Eugene.
She noted that there are two informational websites on ALEC: ALEC Watch and Propublica… check alec.
Lauren noted that Whisnant is head of ALEC in Oregon…pulled plug on 4 foreclosure reform bills (he is in sun river). We should Follow the trail of money to Wisnet.
CLDC has a bunch of info on ALEC….undisclosed who is in group …terri will research state level elected and paid public officials. What about Atty General?
J ask foreclosure to contact atty gen to join 6 others that are refusing to comply with national class action that would settle in a bad way….immunizing the banking industry. Who is running for atty general to replace Kroger.

Organization Training First week of March…two hour format. One/two speakers. Lauren is coordinating with Big John and Library and NVWG….. Need Name for the Training. Kind of sexy name.

Look at membership in midtown to see who….is Kiva in it????? board shop?
Jean will post minutes, such as they are.
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