HSSG- Committee Minutes 2/13

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HSSG- Committee Minutes 2/13

Postby Buckli » Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:31 pm

HSSG Minutes February 13th – Buckli

Review Minutes
Subcommittee Reports
Review Proposed Procedures
City Council Meeting
Questions for Kitty-

Proposed Procedures- to address frustration
time allotments for announcements,
try out for two weeks, adjust times if needed.
See copy of Karla’s Proposal

outstanding item- facilitation process


Leibris- life situation is better- wants to get connected with subcommittees
Sabra-5:30-7:30 Tuesday March 13th- 13th Annual That’s My Farmer, 1st united. 13 faith communities and 13 farms, working on food security for especially poor and homeless


Day Centers- proposal for feeder system, informal survey being taken, Whitaker community council get involved to help leverage day center. Red flag expressed by Ally about day center being used for exclusion purposes. We can make it work for the homeless though.

Outreach- change perceptions between city council and homeless, round table discussion, going well, Wednesday at 3 at the bagel sphere, bigger program, work force of homeless youth, like lobbying for more bathrooms, be ambassadors

Laws and Barriers- went to task force, it was great. we met. Mike Sullivan from city was there. A lot of focus has gone to exclusion zone. Combined with Police Accountability .

Scheduling Sub-meetings through main calendar by contacting Tree- access e-mail above the calendar.

Exclusion Zone- ACLU present at CALC to discuss exclusion zone. Meeting with Mayor next Thursday at 11.

press event – Feb 20 Monday noon at Kesey Square- to get people to come to public hearing the next day the 21st.

get friends to write letters- ACLU flier attached to Jean’s Email – Testimony for DT Exclusion Zone

Proposal to consent on stance against extension of exclusion zone
- confusing law
- intent to alleviate room in jails, but offences people are excluded from are not jailable offenses
- convoluted legal process- excluded before trial
- ignorance and miscommunication on part of law enforcement
- used selectively
With one stand aside, we have consensed our opposition to the extension of the exclusion zone.

City Council Meeting
tonight- 6
A chance for community to see Occupy in action

Candidates for city offices need papers in by 29 February

Task Force report-
-they want us to just focus on policy- a little scarey, was hoping for project proposals and implementations
- debauchery of process- nothing going to coming out of it
-trying to get info from city, spent 40 minutes with Michael, its been a week, haven’t heard from him
-not a believer in task force
-purpose is unclear, gathering zillions of ideas, but no implementation
-not enough time to do justice to these issues
- wants to see Joe’s tape
- kitty wanted this about long term, but the meetings expressed the need for immediacy
-underutilized space
- use contacts for networking and points of connection
-hopes about including the public was nixed, feeling excluded for not being on the task force
-similar concerns, relationships, this is a long haul.
-movement over last 8 years about need for more public port a potties
- commission for homelessness in city
-occupy your local gov
-too much form, not enough substance
-where is money for warming centers? Why aren’t they open 7 days
-liked new world café for networking
-action ideas on the minutes for task force meeting
-great opportunity here
-whole network of pissed of people- that’s where our strength will lie.
-community involvement- shampoo comment- wrong item, right concept, gets people thinking in the right plane
-St Vinnies is going to get the money- let’s use this strategically, let’s co opt.
-proposals for things in the community-

Questions for Kitty
e-mail to Madeline by Thursday at noon.
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