02.13.2012 Actions Minutes

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02.13.2012 Actions Minutes

Postby ReidKimball » Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:13 pm

Actions Committee Minutes – 2/13/12

Minutes taken by Roxanne Jensen and Shelley Jensen

Attendees: Jean, Moon, Roxanne, Shelley, Larry, Bret

Jean will investigate the possibility of moving the press conference about exclusion to the Friday (2/17) before the City Council meeting it is intended to publicize (2/21) from its original date (2/20) which may not get media attention because it is the same day as the Rally in Salem (which has a possibility of local solidarity events completing for media attention. Jean will make the call on the feasibility and wisdom of doing this.)

Through consensus, the group decided to explore the possibility of having the OE Website first page feature a large calendar, like the calendar on the wall of OE V, featuring the current week, plus the next few weeks, with two kinds of events:

Meetings – when you hover over it, the information about the meeting pops up (and the item can be clicked on if you want more information, like meeting minutes)
Activities – when you click on it you are directed to a new page with information (flyer would be nice)

Moon and Shelley agreed to contact comcom to ask about the feasibility of this.

There was discussion about scheduling in the City Council meetings into the future, since we seem to be focusing on them a lot. Scheduling events out into the future and planning strategically was discussed.

There was discussion about the conflict between said City Council meetings and Monday’s Actions Committee meeting, which was attended by 6 people. Only four were present for most of the meeting, which was thought to be a result of the focus on the big action at the City Council.

There was discussion about creating Actions themes/campaigns which would be, in a sense, preauthorizing publication of various activities which fit into an existing campaign. There was discussion about the idea that getting on the calendar would not represent a commitment by actions to do anything more than publicize it. Actions Committee would be responsible for choosing actions to focus energy on. Campaigns or themes should be mutually exclusive and could include*:

Corporatization – Citizens United, ALEC

Homelessness – lockers, exclusion, task force

Sustainability – Global Warming, GMO

Anti-war – Iran, Bolton

Social justice / human rights – Nurses strike, Rally in Salem, workers’ right

* This topic has been amplified beyond what was discussed in the meeting which was short due to the City Council meeting. The amplification is intended to flesh out what it might look like.
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