02.12.2012 NAC Minutes

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02.12.2012 NAC Minutes

Postby ReidKimball » Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:48 pm

Occupy Eugene Neighborhood Action Minutes
Date/Time: February 12, 2012
Location: Growers Market
Facilitators: Reid
Minute Taker: Vickie Embree
Attendees: Fergus, Patricia, Vickie, Kaye, Malcolm, Amy, Reid

Domain name is occupy-your-home.com which forwards to Bank Busters page with contact info.

Movie night presentation: Idea is to do it on the 24th at OEV with the play. The point was made that we are talking to 2 different audiences, Occupy-friendly and those who may not be as comfortable with Occupy.

EWEB event would be for all people, OE event for people coming for 2/25 events. Open script play. Possibly filming the plays for posting on the Internet.

Calls have been made to EWEB to make arrangements. Scott will clear date with OEV. EWEB has screen, but we need to bring projector. We need a speaker for the movie.

Action Item: Patricia will speak with EWEB regarding date and time to do monthly movie for the next 3 months. Discussion on timing of movie/play/pot luck. On 2/262012, brunch with movies only at OEV, 7th and Polk. No Sunday NAC meeting at Growers Market. Scott will put it in the Weekly. Fergus will contact if there are problems scheduling at OEV. Call it "Occupy Foreclosed Houses."

Patricia's home: Malcolm and Amy helped with 2 letters. So far in requesting notes from the lenders, Malcolm has not had a bank come up with one original note. Need to know who is of record collecting the payments. If it is not the same as the original lender, the document needed is an assignment of payment. Lack of assignment of payment means they didn't register with county courthouse. B of A has been collecting as a servicer. The notes need to be recorded with the county in order to be legal. If servicer does not show up with note or is not willing to deal, they do not have the note. If they do not have the note, it is fraud. They cannot collect the mortgage. Do we want to have a press conference talking about the money the county is losing from fees, banks are not recording notes or paying fees. Patricia's mortgage was transferred multiple times, but the transfers were not recorded accurately with the county. Malcolm says the law states if you are the victim of crime and there is $$ involved, you are entitled to every dime they took plus treble damages, which is 3 times that amount. You have to pay tax on punitive damages, but not on money you get for treble damages. Question: How far can we go back? No statute of limitations.

Action Item: Vickie will call on Monday to get new date for Patricia's home's auction. BRT (name withheld at request of person to maintain confidentiality) sent email to Reid and Ross: She received a letter to respond to court about her not paying her mortgage. Reid asked her when she is to respond by, awaiting reply.

If the situation is evaluated ahead of time, then Malcolm can step in and help her.

Action Item: Patricia and Fergus will help, with Reid == they will organize time by email to meet. Reid will send an email to arrange meeting time and place for Patricia, Fergus and Reid to meet with BRT. It was suggested to contact 4J parents who are upset about school cuts, and make them aware of the fees (and taxes) not collected because of the banks' behavior and how that is affecting community budgets.

Lawn signs: Attempts were made to contact screen printer. Use OE logo for side of graphic in the sign. Scott's friend can't help with signs. Patricia will inquire about screenprinter to do signs. Scott will get prices for sign materials.

Eugene Weekly ad: Scott says we will have an ad in the EW about our social meeting on Wed at 6p.

2/25 People United march: Do we want to march as a group -- need someone to speak to represent our group. Malcolm will work on script re: challenge the servicer. do we want to march? Saturday feb 25th, 11 a.m., free speech plaza. Work on lawn signs. There should be money available to purchase signs; we will need to request it ahead of time. State assembly is at 3 p.m. We do want to march. Malcolm will speak.

2/29/2012 – ALEC: Companies write legislature beforehand and get legislators to pass needed laws for corps. Press conference on foreclosures "Occupy the Corporations." All of the lost revenue from county. Leap day. Need to get data on funds lost from not collecting recording fees. or possibly March 2. Proposition statement. 38 different occupy movements in the state of Oregon coming here -- suggest that they go home and demonstrate on their courthouses. Get teachers to help verify total $$ lost.

Friday, March 2nd -- courthouse demonstration. Malcolm: monmar66 at att dot net -- this person should be able to get information on lost county revenues 5415543897.

Action Item: Fergus will contact legal/research committee to get help in sourcing the total $$ not collected in fees and in property taxes.
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