Occupy Eugene Library Committee minutes 2/15/

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Occupy Eugene Library Committee minutes 2/15/

Postby Karen_M » Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:17 pm

Occupy Eugene Library Committee (OELC) Meeting minutes 2/15/12

Present:Art, Big John, Karen, Jennifer



Agenda Setting

Karen took a week off! Yeah! She did not finish items from last week
~She will update to web committee: mission statement and contact info;
Update crabgrass to reflect formal Library Committee (Library Group) and Affiliated Projects of the Library (Library Committee under Group Occupy Eugene)

Newsletter Update:
Jennifer spoke with Larry; pledged our support
Larry needs writers; is organizing on crabgrass
we should all go to crabgrass to help Larry
Art donated a poem on behalf of the Library Committee
Newsletter Committee meets at same time as Library Committee but at different location; how do we coordinate with them?

Open House/Slide Show:
We had originally aimed for March 2 for slide-show
Robert may not be available-conflict with first Friday Art walk
Should we coordinate instead with March 10th Open House?
Is outreach planning this?
Should we instead do it after the last Friday artwalk on the 24th?
Day before big GA?
~Jennifer will talk to Robert and see if 24th works;
Coordinate with Bad-Ass Committee (Big John)

Speaker Series:
No updates

Chuck Hunt Classes:
~Jennifer will send out e-mail with dates and times

The Coal-ition:
Stop the Coal-ition from trucking coal through Eugene
Coal-ition potluck dinner tonight at eco-village
Consensus: Library will support Coal-ition.

Higher Education Research Project:
We want to compile research on UofO privatization attempts, 1% in education.
Compile all research into Single Page Fliers or brochures
Investigation for voter fraud?
How best to research?
Coordinate with education_alliance committee?
Where should we compile research? (crabgrass?)
Oregon Learns bill.
Who's involved in this?
~Art will contact Shelley, education_alliance and try to schedule a working group meeting for this.

Art is poet of the month:
He reads a poem he wrote for newsletter.
Karen thinks he should read this poem in Kesey Square, Art-walk, other events
Jennifer thinks he should read it as part of GA morale

Chataqua Update:
Peace Symposium at LCC has block for Occupy speakers
~Jennifer will ask David Barsamian to give a speech
He is already doing a lecture series on Economics and the Occupy movement

Lecture Series: "Activism as a Way of Life":
tabled until next meeting

Next Library Committee is next Wednesday at Scotty's from Noon to 2 pm.
Send e-mail to oec_library [at] lists.riseup.net for address.
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