02.15.12 NAC Minutes

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02.15.12 NAC Minutes

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Feb 16, 2012 6:20 pm

02.15.12 NAC Minutes
Facilitator: none
Minutes: Reid

ACTION ITEM: Reid - Contact big john ask provide food 26th at noon. Movie and discussion on taking back homes.
Lawn signs 18x24 white 10 = $1.10
Stakes = 1.75, 25 = $1.00
ACTION ITEM: Scott - send Reid cost of lawn signs and printing.
ACTION ITEM: Patricia and Scott - work on lawn sign design.
Finance can approve the signs if it’s under $200.
ACTION ITEM: Reid - ask occupy community for a silk screen printer volunteer. White sign with black color.

ACTION ITEM: Reid - connect Eugene weekly with Malcolm. (DONE 02/16)
We can accept donations if we help people.
Fergus didn’t get reply back from legal / research.
Press conf. rally, about lost fee revenues. Every occupation in the state on march 5th goes to the county.
Idea - State controller office will have stats on lost revenues.
Fire, police, senior citizens, schools programs are losing money. Legislature will announce cuts.
ACTION ITEM: Reid – check with Nancie about stats (DONE 02/16 - sent email, called SEIU and left voice msg)

Funding to help foreclosure victims?
We could ask finance committee for a retainer fee to assist the community, use that to help with legal work.
We need to be careful, must avoid being accused of practicing law without a license.
Let’s discuss finance, funding options more soon.

Malcolm met with Chris Potter who is not able to help us.
People in Eugene can’t get help, we have no lawyers!
We need to learn the laws.
Deed of trust is a legal document that backs up the note.
April 12th 11am is the new auction date for Patricia.
Malcolm talking about BRT case; we may need to get a lawyer in Portland to file for a $1,000 max for a Quiet Title.
Need to know who is in titled on the property, if different than who you make payments to.
County court house, who is titled, who you paying? If different, we have caught them.
If the servicer hasn’t gone to the county or it wasn’t assigned to them its fraud.
If people do new loans, put in a sentence that says, loan cannot be sold, transferred, or collateralized and must stay with lender for period prescribed. i.e. if loan is 30yr at 2%, must stay at 2%.
Mortgage broker will say, “We can’t do it for 2%.” Then say, “Well I will find someone else.” They will come crawling back.

Malcolm’s birthday in July!
ACTION ITEM: Reid - call Amy 541-554-3897 to ask for help. (DONE 02/16)
Find out if OneWest Bank is entitled to the note and if she is making payments to OneWest Bank.
Who was entitled when she was making payments?
Find chain of title. How?
We need to find the recording #.
In theory, once the title gets to MERS, the note is gone.
Malcolm makes an offer to buy the mortgage from the bank. Catch them when they can’t produce the note. Prove they don’t have the note. Give them a time frame for producing the note, 30 days.
Find out if Seattle lawyers suing BRT can practice in Oregon, contact Oregon bar.
Sending an offer to pay the mortgage requires receipt of being received by the bank.
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