Finance Committee Minutes 2/16/11

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Finance Committee Minutes 2/16/11

Postby Jesse » Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:05 pm

March Expenses
Large People United Banner
Jesse states that is seems a bit high for a one-time use banner
Committee moves to deny, and offer that they carry the Occupy Eugene banner we already paid for
Flyer printing - $75 for 100 flyers
Committee approves
Jain will contact about decisions made

State Assembly
Heating Costs already given to engineering crew
Kitchen covering costs for food, and taking donations for kitchen fund
May still need to cover costs for renting chairs
Jain states that we attempt to get dishes donations from County Solid Waste Division or from the City, and money can not go to disposable dishes
John from organizing committee thinks that $200 should suffice, given costs being currently covered by other donations
Committee moves to approve $200 for costs - Jesse will contact

Outstanding/Ongoing budgets
Given $150 for ongoing budget, had used about $45
Not currently active committee, so should maybe return remaining amount and receipts
John will contact Derek to retrieve remaining amount
Not currently regularly performing services
John says still participating in events, so will have more costs in the future
Jan proposes that $150 go to current upcoming events, and should come to committee for approval on future expenditures
Committee moves to approve

OCF Update
Jain says that Chewie yelled at her at OCF Meeting, unhappy that John had not called him, and upset about Ninja flyer
It seems like we should not go back next month requesting more, and OCF is not in support at this time
John says he had no need to call him, since they weren't going to give any money
Jain and Jan will talk to some OCF members about future possibilities
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