02.19.2012 Comm Minutes

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02.19.2012 Comm Minutes

Postby ReidKimball » Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:39 pm

Date: 02.19.2012
Location: Growers
Attendees: Graham, Michael, david, larry, reid, Vickie, rob, bret.
Minutes: Reid
Facilitator: Larry

Media report
Media group wants comm comm help with 20 person teams to make TV program on national and regional occupy movements.
Do we comm have resources to help with a news magazine tv show?
Discussed who can help fill out team.

We have 11 pages of content. Would like article on kesey action. 11 pages will be cut down to 8 or 4 pages depending on the cost.
Put all docs into one doc on crabgrass.
Wants 6 stars on the newsletter, and then comms blessing.
$165 for folded 4 page newsletter.
Adding a color gets really expensive.
ACTION ITEM: Bret signed up for article about OOSA?
Suggestion to do an environmental paper/print 2 page newsletter 8 ½
The printed 2 pg version is the teaser, advertisement for a pdf that is 4 pages.
This is supposed to be a recruiting tool, which articles will help us recruit best?

Web post about volunteers
ACTION ITEM: Reid post asking for volunteers.
March 10th volunteer fair 2 – 4p Saturday

Reid’s opinion piece
Announced it will be posted feb 26th.

When to start starring documents on crabgrass
Problem: Anyone can star at any point in the creation and editing of a document
Problem: Anyone can star and comment
It’s impossible to prohibit other committees from starring a doc
We talked about increasing stars required
A lot of what we do, can be approved in a meeting. Not necessary to approve everything via an online process. Such as an opinion piece.
It’s easy to game the star system and we should move away from it.
People should only comment, but not edit and star documents.
Text to signify no starring allowed in the title.
Perhaps there is a final check editor who can override stars or lack of stars and decide what happens with a press release or other document.
Is the “no editing if missed a comm meeting recently” applied to all comm docs?
Case by case the author can decide if outside people can edit the doc or not.

Training video
Does riseup have a policy on disclosing publicly how to use crabgrass
Can put on youtube and hide the url
Can password vimeo vids
Create a special page on occupy website listing videos, but we don’t broadcast the URL
Tabled until next week. We will think about this more.

Amendments to opinion process

If we get too many opinion pieces approved, we will do first come first serve or whichever one is most appropriate for current events within OE.
6 stars required for approval
Will post in an opinion section on the website when created
1 per week published, on Sundays
1 per person, per month
Anyone in OE can star
OE Comm will determine if the opinion pieces are from active members by talking about the piece in a meeting and if we agree they are an active OE member, we allow the piece to be posted.

Rejuggle blog posts
We will do better job of managing the order of the posts.

Upcoming events
We will discuss the events submitted to the event form each meeting.

Updated media contacts list

Removing people from comm list
Michael wants people to sign up to speak at 7p to speak at 7:30p. Can someone can send an email to the PoC. Oec_poc@lists.riseup.net. Can we think of anyone who needs to testify? Tell Michael Gannon.
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