02.19.2012 NAC Meeting

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02.19.2012 NAC Meeting

Postby ReidKimball » Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:20 pm

Location: Growers
Time: 12p
Facilitator: Reid
Notetaker: Reid
Attendees: Malcolm, Richard, scott, reid, patricia
Discussion about common laws.
If you are buying a new house never been lived in before. When you get the mortgage from the credit union, have a sentence added, “this mortgage cannot collateralized, sold, transferred for duration of terms.”
March 3rd or march 5th action
Malcolm speak on march 3rd or 5th press conf?
Malcolm speak on the 25th rally?
Malcolm funding
Talk to finance re: funding options
Movie nights setup?
Updated lawn signs
Helping BRT
Talked about having discussion period at the end of the meeting.
Scott talks about march 3 or 5 action. Day of statewide action about lost recorded fees.
Discussion about what needs to be done, mostly connect with police, fire communities, the Sherriff, organize all Oregon occupies. Concern we don’t have time to do all this.
Malcolm has letters from Oregon and California AG thanking him for the work he’s doing.
We need many people sending registered letters to AG to pressure them to do what’s right.
On the march 5 we can:
• Educate public about lost fees
• Press conf.
• Speakers from fire, police, school, library about cuts in services.
Malcolm will talk to police chief if they can speak at March 5th to get Sherriff to speak about lost revenues.
Malcolm to speak at people united feb 25th
Announcement of our occupy-your-homes.com
We need a sign out front for where our meeting is.
Malcolm fund
Malcolm is willing to give us 200 per person we find that bought a foreclosed home. Find people. Have them sign document they will allow Malcolm sue the brokers, mortgage broker. Needs the foreclosed family and the people that bought the foreclosed home to both sue the broker.
Malcolm wants to get the title companies.
Malcolm, this is already done in Marysville, MI. Brokers are in courthouse being sued.
Malcolm will explain more on Wednesday night at 6pm.
Hole-o Naleni cultural center (501c3) Malcolm is building, put 2mil in it.
23,000 square ft. senior center
Malcolm will send the information via email.
Movie Day Setup
We have a movie on Feb 26th at noon.
Reid follow up about food?
Scott will not do movie nights at EWEB .
Meeting canceled Feb 26th, for the network event at occupy 5.
We need to get the word out to all occupy and OE about the movie event Sunday.
Scott event form for film event at occupy 5 on the 26th.
Bret give me contact info for other occupies
Updated lawn signs
The costs for the sign was correct in last meeting notes.
Scott to get Ross to find lawn signs
Reid email OEC_Contacts about finding a sign printer.
Patricia needs to send us her latest sign designs because she is having trouble with neighbors.
Richard will help Patricia with the neighbor situation.
Malcolm is still helping Patricia.
Malcolm is interested in helping BRT.
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